7495X Practice Test Questions – Avaya Oceana Solution Integration Exam

The Avaya Oceana® Solution Integration Exam (7495X) is a requirement to earn the ACIS – Avaya Oceana® Solution credential. This exam has 67 questions and the minimum passing score is 69% (46 of 67 correct). The candidate has 90 minutes to complete this exam.

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7495X Practice Test Questions – Avaya Oceana Solution Integration Exam

1. Which snap-in provides a single interface through which client components can manage and retrieve customer Information from Context Store, Multimedia Database and CRM?


2. AVA is required for providing which two integrations for Avaya Oceana® 3.5 solution? (Choose two.)


3. Which snap-in is required for implementing POM in an Avaya Oceana ® solution?


4. For the implementation of an Avaya mobile Video solution, which two additional components are required? (Choose two.)


5. While deploying the Avaya Oceana® solution, it is recommended that the customer provide an External data mart (EDM) database for Context Store.

Which three databases are supported for EDM deployment? (Choose three.)


6. Refer to the exhibit.

A customer has Data center 1 (DC1) and they would like to implement Data Center 2 (DC2) as the DR solution.

While deploying the Avaya Oceana® DR solution, which two configuration items are applicable to the DR site? (Choose two.)


7. A customer’s recommendation is to use secure communication between all the components involved in the Avaya Oceana® solution.

After enabling secure communication for a cluster, which additional configuration parameter needs to be updated for the cluster?


8. Which two statements about the functionally provided by Avaya Oceana® Omnichannel datastore are true? (Choose two.)


9. Which three statements about Webchat Transfer to Service are true? (Choose three.)


10. Using the customer history widget, Avaya Oceana® Agents can search customer history to find information about previous multimedia interactions with the customer.

Which component holds multimedia customer history information?


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