7497X Free Questions – Avaya Oceana™ Solution Support Exam

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7497X Free Questions – Avaya Oceana™ Solution Support Exam

1. When describing the Avaya Oceana Monitor, which cluster will have a monitoring snap-in installed that will create a web socket subscription service to feed statistics?


2. Which statement correctly describes the Avaya Oceana Monitor?


3. A customer is unable to login to Agent Workspaces, and the administrator finds the following error messages in the log files.

2018-04-19 06:04:45,386 [WebContainer : 4] AuthorizationService ERROR – AuthorizationService- – Caught exception while authenticating with data source: HR-LAB

javax.naming.CommunicationException: [Root exception is java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out]at com.avaya.zephyr.services.production.AuthorizationService.ldap.LdapDAOClientImpl.handleAuthenticationSystemException(LdapDAOClientImpl.java:116)

What is causing these error messages?


4. If not using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) authentication in the deployed solution, which statement regarding the Avaya Oceana Agent/Supervisor Login is correct?


5. Unified Agent Controller (UAC) gets the status of the agent stations and interactions data from which Avaya Oceana® core component?


6. A customer reports that Avaya Oceana Workspace agents are not able to connect, and they want to troubleshoot Unified Agent Controller (UAC).

Which log will show more relevant logs for UAC?


7. Which credentials does Avaya Oceana Workspaces use for Agent login?


8. A customer has performed the backup operation for Avaya Oceana® solution.

Where can you see the backup of UCAStore service that has been completed 100%?


9. To perform the restore of the Intersystem cache database, which application file must run from the Install directory of the Omnichannel Windows Multimedia Server?


10. Which two steps must be completed before restoring the backup of the Avaya Oceana® solution? (Choose two.)


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