7498X Practice Test Questions – Avaya Oceanalytics insights Integration and Support

7498X exam is an important Avaya certification which can test your professional skills. Candidates want to pass the exam successfully to prove their competence. PassQuestion Avaya technical experts have collected and certified questions and answers of 7498X exam which are designed to cover the knowledge points of the Avaya Oceanalytics insights Integration and Support and enhance candidates abilities. With PassQuestion 7498X Practice Test Questions you can pass the 7498X exam easily, get the ACSS certification and go further on ACSS career path.

7498X Practice Test Questions – Avaya Oceanalytics insights Integration and Support

1. After running the installation script for Avaya software on the Analytics™ DB server, which log file must be checked to confirm that the installation is successful?


2. Which script is used to install Analytics Service and with which user must you run this script?


3. A customer wants to debug the logs files for the Oracle Component Installation on Avaya Analytics™ Database Servers.

Which directory location in the servers contain the log files for troubleshooting Oracle Component Installation?


4. To confirm that there are no errors preventing the OSA server from running successfully, which three log files can the customer review after installing the OSA Server? (Choose three.)


5. Refer to the exhibit.

How many total applications must be in RUNNING state after successful installation of the Avaya Oceanalytics OSA server?


6. Which command is used to check if the ODIAgent is running?


7. During the installation of Avaya software on Analytics™ servers, which script is run and with which user?


8. Which option is available while installing Kafka software on the Avaya Analytics™ Streams server?


9. A customer is logged in to the OSA Server and they want to restart the OSA services using a single command.

To restart the OSA services as a root user, which command would they run in the OSA server?


10. Which two log files are needed to verify the installation of Avaya Analytics™ for the Streams server? (Choose two.)


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