76940X Practice Test Questions – Avaya Converged Platform Support Exam

The Avaya Converged Platform Support Exam (76940X) is a requirement to earn the Avaya Solutions Platform (ACSS – 7694) credential. This exam has 56 questions and the minimum passing score is 64%. The candidate has 105 minutes to complete this exam.

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76940X Practice Test Questions – Avaya Converged Platform Support Exam

1. A support engineer is tasked with working on an ACP 4200 4.0 system.

Which three pieces of equipment would the engineer expect to find in the rack that will differentiate the system from an earlier release of PodFx 3.X or CPOD 2.X? (Choose three.)


2. Which equipment is standard in a new ACP 4200 4.0?


3. Which benefit does the available G450 Gateway provide to the ACP 4200 solution?


4. A support engineer is assigned to provide maintenance services for an ACP 4200 4.0 system.

Which type of organization could the engineer expect to be assigned to?


5. To get a visualization of the hardware components, and their positions in the ACP 4200 rack, which management application can an engineer use?


6. A support engineer logs into the System Manager (SMGR) application on an ACP 4.0 system with the intention of checking VPFM warning messages for the VSP switch. The engineer is unable to see the VPFM link in SMGR.

What could be causing this Problem?


7. A support engineer is tasked to power down a VSP switch using the management tools available for the ACP 4200.

Which statement is true about how the engineer would accomplish this task?


8. What is the primary purpose or function of Enterprise Device Manager (EDM)?


9. To use the Management Server Console (MSC) as their time source, how would the engineer configure the ESXi hosts?


10. A support engineer is experiencing some difficulty correlating the error messages and logs from different systems in the ACP 4200.

What should the engineer do to fix this problem?


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