[810-440 Free Questions] 810-440 DTBAA Adopting The Cisco Business Architecture Approach

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Test Begin:

1. Which two options are characteristics of autocratic leadership styles? (Choose two.)


2. Which two values are provided from delivering a business roadmap? (Choose two.)


3. Which tool is leveraged by Cisco business architects for describing, visualizing, assessing, and
changing business models?


4. Which description or the ISO 9001 standard is true?


5. Which two characteristics of customer relationship management are true? (Choose two.)


6. Which element delivers a long-term plan for how the business will achieve its target state and goals?


7. Which two benefits are provided by the Cisco Business architecture approach?


8. Within the Cisco business architecture which three factors are considered by organizations when
they execute on strategy?


9. Which two benefits of using a Cisco Business Architecture methodology are true?


10. Which type of engagement occurs at the business solutions maturity level?


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