840-450 Free Questions – Mastering the Cisco Business Architecture Discipline

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1.0 Business Acumen 25%
2.0 Engagement Artifacts 18%
3.0 Roadmap Creation 25%
4.0 Engaging with the Customer 18%
5.0 Advanced Tools and Techniques 14%

840-450 Free Questions – Mastering the Cisco Business Architecture Discipline

1. When you are analyzing the current state of a business, what are two purposes of business process modeling? (Choose two.)


2. Which two statements about a business roadmap are true? (Choose two.)


3. Which two levels of the Cisco Engagement Readiness Assessment can be included or assigned to a business architect? (Choose two.)


4. You are working with the Director of Operations at BigCity, USA, to create a business proposal. Public transportation is the largest budget item for the city. To reduce the environment impact of vehicle traffic, BigCity wants to increase ridership on city buses and light rail transit by 10 percent and reduce the cost of services by 5 percent. Also, due to reports of theft on the light rail transit system, the city council want to see a plan for improving rider safely.

Which two business priorities must you include in the business roadmap for the business proposal? (Choose two.)


5. You are constructing the key resources view of the business model canvas.

Which two business perspectives are supported? (Choose two.)


6. Which tool enables stakeholders to visualize the process that enables them to reach the target state of the business?


7. A customer wants to invest in a reliable network, data center, and collaboration solution with no ROI investigation.

Which engagement maturity level is appropriate for this customer?


8. You use the operating model canvas to expand which part of the business model canvas?


9. Which two statements about a culture map are true? (Choose two.)


10. You are setting a strategy to support the target state of business.

Which two factors help you to choose the necessary business capabilities? (Choose two.)


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