9A0-412 free questions – Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner

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9A0-412 free questions – Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner

1. An analyst needs to deliver a Workspace to the members of the executive team on a weekly schedule. The members of this executive group do NOT for Adobe Analytics or the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

How should the analyst schedule the weekly delivery of this Workspace to this executive group?


2. Please answer the question using the segment in the exhibit.

Which statement is true regarding the segment if “visit” was changed to “hit”?


3. While running an Adobe Analytics eVar classification report, the analyst has identified that one of the classification values should not be in this report.

In order to remove only this single classification value, what should the analyst do?


4. A marketing organization has ongoing marketing efforts across multiple channels.

In the past, the organization utilized the following URL parameter their efforts:

mpid: to identify the marketing agency partner

afid: for affiliate ID

campId: to track the campaign ID

itrkid: for internal campaigns

offerid: tracks the special offer ID

The marketing manager asks the analyst to provide an example URL that the team can replicate.

What is valid landing page URL with appropriate values?


5. An analyst creates a Workspace based on two separate segments:

  1. A) Product type = electronics
  2. B) Marketing channel = affiliate

As a follow-up analysis, the analyst wants to identify electronics sales from the affiliate channel over the past 90 days.

Which segment should the analyst create to fulfill these requirements?


6. Per a solution design reference, the following variables are set when a social share occurs:

event5 – Social Share

eVar7 – Social Share Channel

prop7 – Social Share Channel

In Adobe Analytics Reports, which report can be created?


7. In the image of the funnel shown in the exhibit, which statement is true if the evenue decreases by 50%?


8. An analyst needs to configure an Affiliate marketing channel within the Marketing Channel Processing Rules. Traffic from this channel uses the “source” and “campaign_name” query parameters. The “source” query parameter is used by other marketing channels. Traffic from the Affiliate marketing channel this query parameter with a value that starts with “aff”. Affiliate traffic may NOT have a defined value for “campaign name”.

How should the analyst configure the processing rule so that any hits from affiliate are added to the Affiliate marketing channel?


9. An analyst needs to share a Workspace with a select group of individuals that may change over time.

Which process should the analyst follow?


10. A Business Practitioner needs to report on event5 by site section using a custom variable for day of week.

Which option allows the Business Practitioner to most efficiently achieve this goal?


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