ACE-A1.2 Free Questions – Arista Certified Engineering Associate

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ACE-A1.2 Free Questions – Arista Certified Engineering Associate

1. On EOS 4.13.1F, which of the following statements are true in regards to Arista’s Tap Aggregation feature? (Select two)


2. Where does Aboot look for the boot system image at boot time?


3. When ZTP is in enable node, what triggers ZTP when the switch boots?


4. Which of the following are valid Event Manager triggers?


5. Which of the following Arista switch series’ supports Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)?


6. Which command would you use to change the SSH Idle timeout after entering the ‘management ssh’ command?


7. What would be the result of issuing a reload command on one of the two switches peered together in an MLAG domain where both switches are running EOS version 4.14.1F?


8. On an Arista switch, which port is used to connect a laptop to the switch for initial configuration or password recovery?


9. How many Arista switches may be a part of a single MLAG domain?


10. Which of the following are not valid boot-config file entries?


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