ACP-600 Free Questions – Project Administration in Jira Server

If you are going to take ACP-600 Project Administration in Jira Server exam, you can study PassQuestion ACP-600 questions and answers for your preparation and it will ensure you to pass your ACP-600 exam successfully. You can practice in the following ACP-600 Free Questions.

1. View the extract of a Jira Software Scrum project’s permission scheme shown.

The project uses a simplified workflow.

Who can drag and drop issues to the Closed column on the board?


2. For the DEV project, Max has these requirements relating to time logging:

– I need to be able to edit time logs.

– I need to be able to delete time logs.

Which three project permissions does Max need in order to meet these requirements? (Choose three.)


3. Indicate which two use cases require the use of issue-level security within a project. (Choose two.)


4. The extract of a permission scheme is shown below.

Clare is joining your team to help out as first-level support.

Her job will be:

– Analyze incoming requests

– requests to subject matter experts

Which two project roles will she need? (Choose two.)


5. The extract of a permission scheme is shown below:

Angela is a new team member. Her main tasks are:

– Search the project for duplicate bugs

– Link them

– Close duplicate bugs in the workflow

Which two project roles does she need? (Choose two.)


6. Which two can project administrators associate with project roles? (Choose two.)


7. Martina is unable to perform the following actions in the App project:

– Create and manage versions

– Create and manage components

– Rank issues in the backlog

The App project does not use a shared permission scheme.

Which two permissions will allow her to perform those actions? (Choose two.)


8. All projects use a shared permission scheme.

The Browse Projects permission needs to be updated. Project administrators need to be able to manage access to their own projects.

What entry should be added to the Browse Projects permission?


9. An extract of a permission scheme is shown below.

Jennifer Evans needs to be able to:

– Manage project role membership

– Log time to issues

What is the minimum number of project roles she needs?


10. Teresa is able to see the Start Progress transition but not the Approve transition on an issue. Her coworker is able to see both.

Identify two possible causes why Teresa can NOT see the Approve transition. (Choose two.)


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