Acquia Certified Site Builder-D8 Exam Questions (50 Q&As)

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1. You have installed a contributed module called "Sample Module" that looks like it will be a great fit for the business case you are trying to solve. However, upon closer examination, it looks like the module only supplies a drush command; it does not have an admin interface.

As a site builder with no command-line experience, this will not work for you! You need a web user interface to use this module.

How should you request a web Ul in the module’s issue queue1?


2. You are responsible for a Drupal recipe site. Currently, each recipe node can have a title, body text and image. To provide a better user experience, you have been asked to allow each recipe to be freely tagged by its author.

How can you provide free tagging for the recipe nodes?


3. You have created a new Comment type, but when you try to add a comment field to a Content type, you can’t select your new Comment type.

What could be the problem’?


4. You are building a recipe site in which users submit their favorite recipes as nodes, tagged with common ingredients from a carefully curated taxonomy vocabulary. You’ve been asked to create a page on which site visitors can select the ingredients they have on hand and view all the site’s recipes that use those ingredients. You’ve already created a view listing all Recipe nodes

How can you modify the view to support filtering by ingredient?


5. You are asked to implement a "employee of the month" block into your corporate website The block should show name and picture of the employee and should be editable over the normal block layout All the employees are users of the website

How do you implement the block?


6. You are asked to require a site visitor to enter First name and Last name when creating a new account How can you do this in Drupal?


7. You had installed a contributed module on your website, but your site no longer needs it No other modules have dependencies on this module.

How can you safely uninstall the module?


8. You are creating a page listing products for sale You’ve been asked to make sure that each product in the list includes an image, a title, and a price. When the user clicks the title or picture, she will be taken to a detail page showing a full description of the product.

How can you make sure that the listing page only contains the fields noted, without removing the description field from the detail page? Choose 2 answers


9. How can you better secure the Drupal admin user (user 1) from outside attacks?


10. You are building a Drupal site that makes great use of imagery Photos are used throughout the site in different sizes and attached to various entities

How should you handle the images for the site so that they can be easily managed and used in multiple locations?


11. You are pitching for development of a Drupal based website to yournew customer. You want to emphasize how flexible Drupal is.

Which THREE points would support your case? Choose 3 answers


12. You have created a new "BasicPage" node with a title and a body field. Your site is configured to use Drupal 8’s core search Searching for a phrase used in your new page is not returned in search results. Search is otherwise working correctly.

Why is your page not appearing in the search results?


13. The marketing department has decided that a call-to-action button currently in the site footer should be moved to the sidebar for higher visibility. The button is currently implemented in a custom block.

How should you make the requested changes?


14. White reviewing an article node, you notice that the linked text for one of its assigned categories is misspelled.

How will you fix the spelling of the category? Choose 2 answers


15. What are four features built into Drupal 8 core?


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