AD0-E102 Free Questions – Adobe Experience Manager Business Practitioner

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AD0-E102 Free Questions – Adobe Experience Manager Business Practitioner

1. A company has an existing English language site for the Canadian market. It is planning to create a new site for the US market.

While most of the control of the current site can be reused for the new site, how would you create the new site in the most efficient manner?


2. An author would like to display an AI-summarized version of an article.

Which method would you recommend to achieve this?


3. A company plans to develop a set of pages with the same design and structure. The only difference between the pages is the content inside the body.

What is the best approach to develop the pages?


4. Refer to the exhibit.

Which is an AEM page mode?


5. When a user requests a cacheable document from the AEM Dispatcher, what will the Dispatcher check to access whether the document exists in the web server file system? Choose two.


6. A client wishes to moderate communication between their customers and their in-house product experts, expecting a very large amount of user-generated data.

How can this be accomplished?


7. Your company is launching a website with customers from around the world.

What capabilities of AEM Sites would allow you to make the content more relevant to the largest amount of customers? Choose two.


8. You are running through an AEM Assets Discovery Checklist for your customer. Their main concerns are low downtime and minimum latency issues.

What are two most important questions that you can ask the customer to best address their concerns? Choose two.


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