AD0-E103 Free Questions – Adobe Experience Manager Sites Developer V8.02

How to complete your Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Experience Manager Sites Developer certification? Now you can not register 9A0-384 exam any more. 9A0-384 exam retired, you need to take AD0-E103 exam now. We released new AD0-E103 exam questions to help you pass Adobe Experience Manager Sites Developer exam successfully. Come to get AD0-E103 pdf and software, then try best to read all AD0-E103 exam questions and answers. We ensure that you can pass AD0-E103 exam successfully.

AD0-E103 Free Questions – Adobe Experience Manager Sites Developer V8.02

1. A developer needs to create a banner component. This component shows an image across the full width of the page. A title is shown on top of the image. This text can be aligned to the left, middle, or right. The core components feature a teaser component which matches almost all requirements, but not all.
What is the most maintainable way for the developer to implement these requirements?


2. A developer is working on a complex project with multiple bundles. One bundle provides an OSGi service for other bundles.
Which two options are necessary to ensure that the other bundles can reference that OSGi service? (Choose two.)


3. The structure section of an editable template has a locked component.
What happens to the content of that component when a developer unlocks it?


4. Which log file contains AEM application request and response entries?


5. A developer wants to extend AEM Core Components to create a custom Carousel Component.
How should the developer extend the Core Components?


6. A developer wants to change the log level for a custom API.
Which OSGi configuration should the developer modify?


7. A developer is installing a content package with the package manager. The developer needs to restrict the approximate number of nodes in a batch that is saved to persistent storage in one transaction.
How should the developer modify the number of transient nodes to be triggered until automatic saving?


8. A developer needs to implement a service component that should be manually configured by operations to react on operational circumstances. The service component should NOT be active by default. The service has the properties (one string value) and myservice.stringValues (a list of the string values) to be configured.
The developer needs to use OSGi Metatype annotations to make those properties configurable in the Apache Felix Web Console.
Which set of steps should the developer take to meet these requirements?


9. A developer creates Editable Templates based on a custom Page component. The developer wants to leverage the Style System within the Editable Templates to allow authors to switch between the Dark and Light Theme. The Style System dialog is NOT enabled for the site.
What should the developer do to resolve this issue?


10. A custom AEM application contains Bundle A and Bundle B. Bundle A has a dependency to Bundle B via Import-Package.
How can both bundles be deployed most efficiently across all environments?


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