AD0-E303 Practice Test Questions – Adobe Campaign Classic Architect

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AD0-E303 Practice Test Questions – Adobe Campaign Classic Architect

1. Your client wants to configure a data connection perform an incremental data import from a Microsoft Dynamics CRM system.

Which remote field(s) must be present in the CRM Connector settings to enable this?


2. What are two reasons a company share an instance across multiple tenants? Choose the two correct answers.


3. You are planning an Adobe Campaign Classic build upgrade. After reading the release notes, in what order should these tasks be performed?


4. During the initial project scoping phase, you have recommended the following environments.

  1. Development
  2. Integration
  3. Staging
  4. production

Your client is pushing back on the number of environment that you have recommend for the overall solution.

What would be the most significant impact of reducing the number of environments in this list?


5. What is the different between a solution design document and an Adobe campaign playbook?


6. During the discovery phase of a new project the client presents to you the potential impact brought by GDR to their Adobe Campaign Classic implementation.

Which requirement mandates that GDPR will be include on your implement design?


7. The client da a network of franchise and wants to run central and local marketing capaingn from the same Adobe Campaingn Classic instance.

Which module can help to implement this business process?


8. What is the default reconciliation key used to configure an external account for shared audiences between Adobe Campaign Classic and Adobe Experience Cloud?


9. Before installing an on-premise Adobe Campaign Classic which three steps must be taken? Choose the correct answers.


10. Which aspects of the client infrastructure should be evaluated prior to installing Adobe Campaign Classic on premise? Choose the two correct answers.


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