ADM-201 Free Questions – Administration Essentials for New Admins

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ADM-201 Free Questions – Administration Essentials for New Admins

1. Inline editing updates the field when


2. If a company opts to use Custom Fiscal Years, they cannot use the standard forecasting option.


3. Which of the following are not standard objects?


4. Which of the following are part of the Service Cloud offering?


5. Locale settings control how users view date formats, time formats and number formats.


6. If the company locale is set to US English, all users will have a default locale of US English and this cannot be changed.


7. If your company’s fiscal year follows the Gregorian calendar, you must use Custom Fiscal Years.


8. In order to enable multi-currency feature in Salesforce, you must


9. Which feature effectively allows you to “lock” the converted amount on closed opportunities?


10. User interface settings are global settings and apply to all users of an org.


11. Which of the following are true about List Views?


12. A _________ defines a collection of settings and permissions that determines what users can see in the user interface, and what they can do.


13. Which of the following is not a standard Profile?


14. A user with a Chatter Free User profile has access to records in Salesforce such as Accounts and Contacts.


15. Standard profile permissions cannot be edited.


16. System administrators can modify tab settings for custom profiles (Default On, Default Off and Hidden).


17. If a user leaves your company, the system administrator should do the following to prevent future access to the Salesforce org.


18. An active user record consumes a license.


19. A system administrator can opt to lock users out of the Salesforce org if they exceed a certain number of failed login attempts.


20. Where can a system administrator go if they are trying to determine why a user cannot log in to Salesforce? (Select all that apply)


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