Administration of Symantec Client Management Suite 8.5 250-447 Exam Questions

Passing 250-447 Administration of Symantec Client Management Suite 8.5 exam will help certified candidate demonstrate an understanding of the planning, designing, deploying and optimization of the Symantec Client Management Suite. 250-447 exam questions which are provided by PassQuestion are set by highly Symantec certified professional and experienced staff which will ensure the success in the Symantec SCS 250-447 exam on the very first attempt. You can check the following 250-447 free questions before taking your Symantec 250-447 exam.

Test Online Symantec 250-447 Free Questions

1. How should an administrator define which resources are selected by a resource filter in the Computers blade of the IT Management Views?


2. Which object can an admin assign security permissions to that will allow resource scoping to occur in a report?


3. A company has an environment where only some computers have the Symantec Workspace Virtualization (SWV) agent installed.

What happens to computers without the SWV Agent when an administrator distributes an MSI application through a Managed Delivery policy to all company computers and installs the application into a virtual layer?


4. An administrator is tasked with implementing an IT Management Suite 8.5 solution that will centrally manage 30,000 endpoints.

Which is the best architecture to support this environment?


5. An administrator is tasked with tracking the IT department’s vehicles. The department currently has 8 vehicles and is expected to add 4 additional vehicles during the next year.

Which steps must the administrator take to track the vehicles?


6. Which action does the Symantec Management Agent perform when it receives a tickle packet?


7. Which function within the Symantec Installation Manager ensures that all prerequisites are met prior to installing IT Management Suite 8.5?


8. A corporate president has decided to centralize management of operating system updates after a virus spread through the corporate network. The president requires the ability to create reports about which updates have been deployed, which updates are still needed, and other information that will demonstrate the security of the network.

Which two (2) features of IT Management Suite 8.5 provide all of the required functionality? (Select two.)


9. Which option in the SMC will cause an inventory policy to run and report data at random times during a user-specified window?


10. Which website should an administrator browse to when solving Package Service Installation issues to check that the endpoint can resolve to the server?


11. What is the maximum number of computers that could be adequately managed for an "on-box" installation of the Microsoft SQL Server with Notification Server


12. What is a benefit of the IT Analytics MultiCMDB feature?


13. An admin for a hospital system is tasked with tracking electrocardiogram (EKG) devices. The admin decides to base the custom EKG resource type on the computer

What does basing this custom resource type on the existing resource type allow?



Which are the three Resource Model components?

Drag and drop the Resource Model components to the right side of the screen.

15. Which two (2) features are unique to IT Analytics when compared to the reporting engine built into IT Management Suite 8.5? (Select two.)


16. Which two (2) fields are essential to tracking assets when creating a warranty contract in IT Management Suite 8.5? (Select two.)


17. A customer is complaining about IT Management Suite 8.5 performance in a testing environment. The symptoms include slow population of data tables and reports timing out.

Which two (2) hardware-specific areas could the customer improve to help mitigate these issues? (select two)


18. Which two (2) default secury roles allow a user to créate and import software resources in IT Management Suite 8.5? (Select two)


19. Which two (2) events or methods allow the administrator to create a backup of Notification Server cryptographic keys? (Select two.)


20. Which two (2) fields are essential to the tracking and reporting of an associated asset when creating a lease schedule in IT Management Suite 8.5? (Select two.)


21. An administrator needs to create an image that can be used for a mass deployment in the company.

Which Deployment Solution task should the administrator perform before creating the image?


22. Which benefit does a configuration item association provide in the asset management process?


23. An administrator uses the Software Update Policy Wizard to create the Software Update policy, which will be distributed to management computers?

How can the administrator disable unsupported operating system?


24. How can an administrator achieve greater efficiency and consistency when deploying multiple Managed Software Delivery policies to endpoints?


25. Which IT Management Suite 8.5 solution can an administrator use to track the installation and usage of an application?


26. Which two (2) settings are available in the Import Patch Data for Windows task? (Select two.)


27. Which installation package should an administrator use to install the Cloud-enabled Management services on an Internet-facing server?


28. What is the function of the applicability rule?


29. An administrator is creating a policy to deliver a software application to an entire environment, but needs to prevent installation on computers that already have the software which option allows the installation of the software application only on computers that need the software?


30. Which file type is used in PC Transplant to describe all of the components that are need to transfer an application’s settings and data files?


31. An administrator is tasked with distributing an application as soon as possible to the

traveling sales organization. The sales organization works remotely 100% of the time and does NOT log on to the network. Management on their computers is accomplished with an internet gateway with an internet site server.

Which method is the quickest for distributing the application?


32. Which resource containers can an administrator arrange in a hierarchy so that one container may include other containers?


33. An administrator needs to configure a policy that specifies the scheduled time and duration of when an operation can be performed on a managed computer.

Which policy should the administrator use?


34. Which two (2) IT Management Suite 8.5 features should an administrator use in order to display an alert if a specified metric indicates a problem on a server? (Select two.)


35. Which step is required before a user can request software through the Software Portal?


36. Which ITMS 8.5 feature allows an admin to graphically display the relationship between assets and configuration items in order to provide visibility into IT assets in a single view?


37. An administrator is running the latest Patch Management compliance reports and notices that certain endpoints are listed as vulnerable. The administrator knows that the endpoints are compliant, resulting in the inability to provide reliable compliance reports.

What Patch Management Solution setting will most likely resolve this discrepancy?


38. Which criteria in the Patch Remediation Center indicates that a software bulletin has completely downloaded?


39. Which IT Management Suite 8.5 feature provides an administrator with security a resource management that limits the data a user can access based on a security role membership.


40. Which two (2) elements can an administrator include when building a resource target in the Computers blade of the IT Management Views? (Select two.)


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