Adobe Analytics Developer AD0-E201 Test Questions

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Practice Online Adobe Analytics Developer AD0-E201 Free Questions

1. In the Adobe Mobile SDK, what is the name of the file where the Adobe Analytics report Suite ID is set?


2. Assuming that all data will be collected from an on-page data layer, when should a data layer property be updated and called by its data element so that the value is accurate for the link click?


3. Ah Adobe Analytics report shows a big percentage of breakdown values as ”Other”.

What could be the reason for this problem?


4. How can a developer see which Adobe Experience Platform Launch rules are being fired without using browser plugins?


5. What is the Adobe-recommend way to enable the Experience Cloud ID within Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) Launch?


6. What is true the s,products variable that does not apply to other conversion variables in Adobe Analytics?


7. Some variables are being populated correctly in you implementation and others are not

Which of the displayed variables uses the correct case?


8. A developer is migrating from a legacy implementation of Adobe Analytics to Adobe Experience Platform Launch.

What is the recommend value to enter into the Tracking Server field of the Adobe Analytics Extension?


9. What is the first step needed in order to configure a mobile application that will implement tracking using Adobe Experience Platform Launch?


10. a banner ad has the wrong campaign ID tracking parameter (tid instead of cid) on the destination URL.

Which Adobe Analytics feature can be used to fix this issue?


11. Which built-in functions have been deprecated in Adobe Experience Platform Launch?


12. A developer has tested a submitted Adobe Experience Platform Launch library in the staging environment and detected problem.

How should the developer fix this issue?


13. An adobe Analytics developer is analyzing the reasons behind a data loss. The application has to support offline tracking, so track offline is set to true.

What is the reason behind the data loss?


14. Duplicate page views commonly occur on the first page of a single-page application due to the default page view beacon being fired across the entire site in additional to direct call rules used by the application.

Knowing the landing page URL for the application, what is the recommended why in Adobe Experience Platform Launch to suppress this default page view beacon, so that the direct call rule beacon is the only one that fires upon landing on that fires landing on the application?


15. A hit comes in with the currency of British Pounds (GBP) and revenue of 19.95. The base currency for the report suite is United States dollars (USD).

What value is stored in Adobe Analytics?


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