Adobe Campaign Standard Business Practitioner AD0-E302 Questions (90 Q&As)

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Practice Adobe Campaign Standard Business Practitioner AD0-E302 Free Questions

1. Why should a campaign business practitioner add a compliment to a split?


2. What is the benefit of using the direct mail delivery step instead of a data extraction step?


3. In a campaign workflow, how should a Business Practitioner ensure that Adobe Campaign retains data

between intermediate activities?


4. Which filtering dimension should a Practitioner use to identify responders in a cross-channel campaign?


5. A Practitioner’s team learns that Gmail has modified its spam filtering criteria.

How should the Practitioner use the client console to obtain the percentage of users that have been affected by this change?


6. A Practitioner is using the default data model.

When personalizing based on gender, how many versions of the content should the Practitioner create?


7. A campaign Business Practitioner is provided a text file of mobile phone types and their associated recipient email addresses.

How should the campaign Business Practitioner build the workflow to begin to use the mobile phone type attribute in a targeting workflow?


8. Workflow A runs before Workflow B. Workflow A populates a staging table that workflow B uses to load each day. Workflow B frequency fails because Workflow A is still creating the writing to the table.

What is the best way for a campaign business practitioner to solve this error?


9. In which scenario can a business practitioner save time when using a campaign template?


10. A campaign requires multiple audience segments for the same delivery.

What must be included in the campaign?


11. A campaign business practitioner needs to build an A/B test email campaign for two different promotions.

By the theme that generates the most website visits, which email metric indicates the winning promotion theme?


12. On a Friday, A Practitioner decides to send Deliveries on Monday at 8 AM. The deliveries must have the most up-to-date target.

What should the Practitioner configure before starting the campaign workflow?


13. A Practitioner has customized a delivery for men, women and unspecified gender values. A proof personalized to each gender segment is then required to be sent to an approver prior to the delivery phase.

What is the efficient way to accomplish this?


14. Which three factors can be tested in an email preview prior to executing the delivery? (Choose three.)


15. A workflow including a scheduler with a recurring frequency contains a regular delivery step.

What is the result?


16. The number of records out of union is less than intended.

Which conclusion should be made?


17. Which workflow activity should be used to export data?


18. A workflow log indicates an incompatible document type error on a union activity.

How should a campaign business practitioner verify the union activity inputs are based on?


19. An email and direct mail is sent with the below recipient as the target. Their blacklist is shown below.

Which recipients receive deliveries and by which channel?


20. More than one person in an approval operator group responds to an approval activity that requires a single response.

What is the result?


21. A user is assigned to the administrator group (which has full access) and a developer access (which has restricted access).

What is the result?


22. How should a campaign business practitioner test that dynamic content in delivery displays properly?


23. A Practitioner is required to execute and store all deliveries related to a delivery template in specific folder defined by the business.

How should the Practitioner most effectively implement this requirement?


24. How would you ensure a delivery is NOT sent to multiple recipients with the same email address?


25. Which three tasks could a campaign business practitioner do to view a personalized version of a delivery? (Choose three.)


26. Which two tasks can be performed to reduce the probability of a delivery being blocked or flagged as ‘spam’ by anti-spam tools? (Choose two.)


27. From which screen on the client should the Business Practitioner approve the targeting of an email delivery in an email campaign?


28. What is the advantage of using a string delimiter in the extraction file format?


29. What are two reasons to include the email address when importing a list of contacts? (Choose two.)


30. A Business Practitioner is starting delivery for two emails.

Which status and failure type combinations are possible in the Recipient Delivery logs for the two messages?


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