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AD0-E703 exam validates the skills and knowledge needed to customize Magento 2 in the areas of UI modifications; database changes; admin modifications; checkout process customizations; order management integrations and customizations; and catalog structure and functionality changes. PassQuestion provides the latest Adobe Certified Expert – Magento Commerce Developer AD0-E703 Exam Questions which cover all exam objectives to help you practice real questions and pass your Adobe AD0-E703 exam easily in your first time.

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1. What are two functions of a resource model? (Choose two.)


2. There are two different configurable products which both share one variation. The shared variation is represented by the same simple product.

A customer added both configurables to the cart with the same selected variation?

How will they be displayed?


3. You need to add the Google Tag Manager (GTM) to every page.

What three steps do you take to accomplish this in MyCompany_MyModule?


4. A merchant requires the ability to configure contact information for their brick and mortar stores as a CSV file upload. The module already exists and contains an etc/adminhtml/system.xml file where the new field can be added.

How do you specify the class that will process the uploaded file?


5. As you are scanning folder in the vendor/module-catalog directory, you see a directory that is named Ui.

What is this folder’s purpose?


6. How many shipping addresses may be selected for an order during the checkout process?


7. You have created a module controller that responds to the following URL:


Which two methods will load the product model by ID as specified in the URL? (Choose two.)


8. A custom module needs to log all calls of MagentoCustomerApiAddressRepositoryInterface::save().

Which mechanism do you use?


9. The module MyCompany_MyModule provides custom admin interface pages.

Access to these pages should only be granted to specific users.

You add the required configuration to the module’s acl.xml file, but the setting does not seem to work as expected.

How do you visually check if Magento evaluates your ACL resource as expected?


10. Your module adds a new controller class which will return a JSON response.

What will be the return type of the execute method?


11. How do you pass an array [‘one’, ‘two] as a parameter to you block using the layout XML arguments directive?


12. A Magento industry partner shipping provider has tasked you to build their integration module called MyCompany_ShippingProvider.

Where do you define the class that provides options for the select field that enables or disables the provider in the file etc/adminhtml/system.xml?


13. A custom module is performing an optimized custom query for quote items.

The class applies the query customizations on the select object of a quote item collection instance.

You are tasked to resolve an issue where the query sometimes does not deliver the expected results. You have debugged the problem and found another class is also using a quote item collection and is loading the collection before the custom module.

How do you resolve the issue, keeping maintainability in mind?


14. A merchant tasks you to keep sales managers out of the system configuration backend pages.

How do you do that using the admin interface?


15. A merchant tasked you to add an input field for notes to the Customer Account Information backend page.

Which three actions do you specify in a module’s Data Patch to add a customer notes attribute? (Choose three.)


16. You want to remove a column introduced by a third-party extension via declarative schema.

How do you do that?


17. You need to find all orders in the processing state. You have written the code:

How do you resolve the exception?


18. How do you add a foreign key to an existing table created by another module?


19. A third-party module uses a layout update that changes the template path for a core block from product/view/addto/compare.phtml of the Magento_Catalog module to custom/view/addto/compare.phtml of your custom module. The merchant has a customized version of this template in their custom theme.

What is a consequence of this setup?


20. You see this code in etc/adminhtml/routes.xml:

<route id="mymodule" frontName="user-subscriptions">

<module name="MyCompany_MyModule" />

</route> You have placed a controller in Controller/Index/Subscribe.php.

If you want to create layout XML instructions for this controller, what would be the layout XML’s filename?


21. You have created a module to show manufacturer-list, but in your page need to show Pagination that already ready in your block. Keeping maintainability in mind, where you call echo $block->getPagerHtml();?


22. The constructor function for MagentoCatalogModelCategory contains this excerpt:

With the automatic dependency injection that Magento provides, how is the StoreManagerInterface resolved?


23. You are adding a new menu item to the admin backend which will link to a custom backend page.

The declaration of the route:

What do you specify as the menu item action attribute value so it links to /admin/mycompany/mymodule/?


24. You are creating a new indexer which must run after the targetrule_product_rule index process. When you run bin/magento indexer:reindex, your rule always runs first creating inaccurate data.

What is the resolution?


25. You are developing a module and need to add another column to a table introduced by another module MyCompany_MyModule via db schema.

How do you do that?


26. In a code review of a merchant’s site you have discovered that there are multiple observers for the checkout_submit_all_after event. After closer inspection, you notice one of these observers is relying on the others being executed before it is called.

What risk does this pose, and how can it be mitigated?


27. You are reviewing a Magento module and see a directory named Service.

What can you determine from this directory’s name?


28. A module MyModule needs to send notifications to customers only when the account was modified from a mobile app using the REST web APIs.

You decided to implement an observer for customer_save_after_data_object event.

In which file do you declare the observer?


29. You are building an tool that imports products from an ERP. There are 20 columns of additional information that are associated with each product. This extra information must also be associated with an update time to know when to refresh the data.

Keeping maintainability in mind, how do you build this into Magento?


30. In layout files you can change al element’s order on a page.

This can be done using one of the following:

✑ <move> instruction

✑ before and after element attributes?

How are two methods different?


31. You have created a custom module which must perform an action immediately after an order is placed, but only on the store front of the merchant site. You have selected the checkout_submit_all_after as the target event which the module will observe.

In which file will the event observer be declared?


32. There is a custom extension called MyCompany_MyModule.

It has the following layout customization declared in MyCompany/MyModule/view/frontend/layout/default.xml:

<referenceContainer name=”content”>

<block class=”MagentoFrameworkViewElementTemplate”





What will be the result of the customization?


33. You have configured an event observer to watch the checkout_submit_all_after event using this XML:

What is the required class definition for the event observer?


34. You are building a new module to add extra functionality to the Magento application.You want to works with CustomerData the data stored on the client side.

Where initialized sections Cart and Directory-data are on the server side via the classes?


35. You are working on a project that contains a million SKUs. The merchant has requested the product view page to have a custom color schema and page layout depending on the product price range.

How do you implement this, keeping simplicity in mind?


36. A module declares the route:

What is the layout handle of the storefront path /custom/feature/?


37. Assume that $collection is a new instance of a class that extends MagentoFrameworkModelResourceModelDbCollectionAbstractCollection, and $ids is an array of ids.

How do you select a list of records from the database where the record ids are in the $ids list?


38. You have loaded an instance of MagentoCatalogModelProduct in the $product variable. You know that the loaded product has the type configurable with four variations. These variations have the prices: $10, $12, $12, $15.

What will be the result of the $product->getFinalPrice() call?


39. You are trying to determine why a product is not appearing in a category.

What table does Magento on the frontend to locate the relationship between a category and its products?


40. What order operation is available in the My Account section in the storefront?


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