Adobe Magento Commerce Cloud Developer AD0-E706 Exam Questions (60 Q&As)

AD0-E706 Adobe Certified Expert – Magento Commerce Cloud Developer exam is for a Magento 2 developer/architect with 6 to 12 months of experience developing for Magento Commerce Cloud. PassQuestion team has carefully designed Adobe Magento Commerce Cloud Developer AD0-E706 Exam Questions to help you. These series of Adobe Magento Commerce Cloud Developer AD0-E706 Exam Questions fully enriche your related professional knowledge, then help you easily obtain AD0-E706 exam certification.

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1. While launching a site migrated from Magento 1 you are instructed to change the website CNAME record in your DNS provider by Magento for go live.

What is the purpose of setting this record?


2. You added a grunt autoprefixer command, which adds CSS vendorprefix like Cwebkit- and Cmoz- to CSS files generated by the setup:static-connect: deploy command.

After deployment you still see CSS files without prefixes.

The hooks section in the .magento. app. Yaml file is:

Considering static assets are being generated on the build phase why are CSS prefixes missing?


3. You are migration an existing Magento 2 website to Magento Commerce Cloud. After setting up the project you would like to migrate the database to the integration branch. The database import fails with a disk space error.

How do you migrate the database data loss?


4. You have a Starter project. Your code is ready for testing in the Staging environment, but you need the latest data from Production.

What do you do to update the Staging environment?


5. After installing a Magento extension that implements a new class for a site and deploying this to an integration environment you see it is not working.

In the logs you discover the following error:

How do you fix this?


6. Youare debugging an issue with an extension that only occurs in Production. The extension writes relevant information using the debug log level.

However that specific information is not getting written to the logs on Production.

How do you fix this?


7. You are a technical admin on a Magento Commerce Cloud account A coworker needs to submit a support request with Magento Support.

What is needed to enable support ticket access"?


8. You are adding a new website to the Magento store you manage. This website will run on the same instance of Magento to take advantage of shared integration processes.

When accessing the new website URL. it redirects to the original website. The files in /media/ and /static/ do not redirect. The correct URL is present in the website configuration

What step must you complete for the URL to stop redirecting?


9. A merchant using Magento Commerce Cloud Pro reports an issue with an order missing transaction data. The application uses a payment gateway integration which posts a series of callbacks to Magento.

You would like to retrieve a complete list of calls to build a timeline of what happened.

How do you achieve this?


10. You added the env:ADMIN_PASSWORD variable in the Project Web Ul to change a Magento admin user’s password After deployment you are unable to login using the new password

What causes this?


11. A custom module that adds a new console command for bin/magento has just been built Deploying this to the Production environment on your Pro plan site causes the build phase to fall.

You find this occurs when you inject certain Magento core classes in your console command class. The command works on your local environment.

Why does this occur?


12. You have created a new Integration branch and did not receive the administrator email with the password reset link.

What is prohibiting the email from sending?


13. For the Magento search backend you would like lo move from MySQL lo Elasticsearch for your existing project. You have confirmed that your services. yaml file is configured appropriately However, after your most recently deployment, you notice the search engine is still set to MySQL

What additional step must be completed?


14. You need to increase the Admin Session Lifetime up to 86400 seconds for the branch named Integration and children branches but not for the Staging and Production branches.

How do you update this on the integration branch and its child branches?


15. You fixed an issue in a third-party extension using a patch named m2-hotfixes/extension-fix.patch Before committing the patch to the repository you want to test itlocally

How do you test a patch in a clean working copy?


16. A merchant with three websites using en_GB. fr_FR and de_AT requires a change in locale to de_DE for the German Production website After running the following command on Production you notice the frontend design of the German website is broken:

Php bin/magento config:set Cscope=websites Cscopes code=germ general /local./code de_DE

Static content deployment is set up toon the deploy phase

Why did this happen?


17. You need to specify the admin password using an environment variable. You have created an environment variable env:ADMIN_PASSWORD with a valid password When attempting to log in to the Magento Admin it is not accepting the new password.

How do you correct the environment variable?


18. Your client is expecting a five-day sale where the traffic will approximately double. Your instance is consuming all available resources on all three nodes so upsizing one level is appropriate.

How many upsize days will this event use?


19. Exploring the Production environment you findmysql_use_slave_connection is enabled.

What is the purpose of this setting’


20. You are updating a Magento Commerce Cloud project from version 2.2.5 to 2.3.0 with the command

Composer require magento/product-enterprise-edition:2,3,0.

However, composer is unable to complete the task because the installed version of magento/magento-cloud-metapackage is not compatible.

How do you upgrade magento to the desired version?


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