Alfresco Content Services Certified Administrator ACSCA Exam Questions (60 Q&As)

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1. What is the mandatory attribute of the process element in a workflow?


2. Which of the following features is not supported on Alfresco Community version?


3. Which one of the following conditions applies to the Alfresco CIFS server name (cifs.serverName) on Windows host?


4. After installing Alfresco Office Service a user can’t directly archive emails into Alfresco using Microsoft Outlook©. Select one possible cause for this behavior.


5. What tool allows developers to view all custom metadata and aspects applied to a document? Select One.


6. Which content store gives you the ability to create a primary store for read and write and a set of secondary stores for read only?


7. A customer is considering to consolidate servers using virtualization. They would like to virtualize the SOLR4 server.

What are the main areas of concern related to performance? Select One.


8. Which of the following SOLR Core templates causes less duplication of the index, and therefore the index is more compact? Select One.


9. What are the limitations of using Model Manager in creating and managing custom models in Alfresco Share?


10. In a clustered Share environment, which one of the following actions sends a cache invalidation messages from the affected Share node to other Share nodes in the cluster?


11. Which one of the following properties will only take effect on non-Windows servers, where the Java-based SMB implementation is used?


12. Alfresco Content Services with the SOLR subsystem does not include any in-transaction indexing.

What does that imply?


13. Which of the following functions is NOT provided by an authentication subsystem?


14. How property values for security-sensitive properties are treated by the JMX console? Select One.


15. The Alfresco repository and the database are running on separate servers. End user reports that file and folder navigation, pagination in the document library view is very slow.

What task we should perform on the server to improve performance? Select One.


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