Alfresco Process Services Certified Engineer (APSCE) Exam Questions (60 Q&As)

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1. What are the advantages of using Script Tasks to implement business logic? Choose 2 answers


2. Which of the following is NOT a valid value to be passed for the HTTP header activiti-user­value-type? Choose 1 answer.


3. Which of the following methods does NOT have to be overwritten while implementing the interface for an Alfresco Process Services Custom Data Model service? Choose 1 answer.


4. What are the mandatory actions to embed the Alfresco Process Services application into an existing application? Choose 2 answers


5. What mechanism should be used to direct process engine events to a new data source? Choose 1 answer.


6. In which file are the globally available form extension methods registered? Choose 1 answer


7. Which service can be used to obtain the process engine configuration in a Service Task? Choose 1 answer.


8. Which of the following identifiers is always required by Alfresco Process Services Engine REST API requests? Choose 1 answer.


9. What is the scope of a new variable created using the setVariable method in a JavaDelegate? Choose 1 answer.


10. Which of the following code snippets will correctly set the variable. ‘’upperCaseString’’ to an upper case version of the expression which is pass in? Choose 1 answer:






11. How can a developer programmatically implement a feature to save all entered task form values, whenever a user leaves a task form field? Choose 1 answer.


12. In which package must a custom REST endpoint be placed to make it accessible via HTTP basic authentication? Choose 1 answer.


13. Which URL path automatically secures Custom REST Endpoints via Basic Authentication? Choose 1 answer.


14. Which of the following CANNOT be modifiedby creating a custom stencl? Choose 2 answers


15. How are additional web resources loaded by the browser for each Alfresco Process Services App?


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