Alibaba ACA-Cloud1 Exam Questions – ACA Cloud Computing Certification Exam

There are many ways to prepare for your ACA Cloud Computing Certification Exam manual. PassQuestion provides the most reliable Alibaba ACA-Cloud1 Exam Questions to prepare for your next AliCloud Certification. Our Alibaba ACA-Cloud1 Exam Questions includes ACA-Cloud1 test questions, ACA-Cloud1Practice Testing. Many IT professionals prefer to add exam ACA-Cloud1 among their credentials.

Alibaba ACA-Cloud1 Exam Questions – ACA Cloud Computing Certification Exam

1. Using a cloud computing service is simple and straightforward. One can choose the instance with desired specification, finish payment and then use it right away. Moreover, the underlying physical machines are managed by cloud service providers and transparent to users.


2. A/An _________________ is a copy of data on a disk at a certain point in time.


3. Multiple lower-configuration I/O-optimized ECS instances can be used with ___________ to deliver a high-availability architecture.


4. What is the full name of ECS?


5. Alibaba Cloud does not support Intranet communication between products that are not in the same region, which does not mean ______________?


6. If you are running an online ticket booking service with relatively fixed traffic, then which kind of charging mode is more suitable for you?


7. When we talk about the ‘Elastic’ feature for ECS product, we are not talking about _____________.


8. Your website has high volume of traffic and sudden spikes for a very short time. In this scenario, ______________ can manage traffic peak efficiently and maintain a consistent user experience.


9. Your website has oscillating traffic peaks that are difficult to predict in advance. In this scenario, it is recommended to use SLB and __________________ together with ECS.


10. ___________________ is a ready-to-use service that seamlessly integrates with Elastic Compute Service (ECS) to manage varying traffic levels without manual intervention.


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