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Amazon AWS-Solution-Architect-Associate Online Free Questions

1. A 3-tier e-commerce web application is current deployed on-premises and will be migrated to AWS for greater scalability and elasticity. The web server currently shares read-only data using a network distributed file system The app server tier uses a clustering mechanism for discovery and shared session state that depends on IP multicast The database tier uses shared-storage clustering to provide database fall over capability, and uses several read slaves for scaling Data on all servers and the distributed file system directory is backed up weekly to off-site tapes.

Which AWS storage and database architecture meets the requirements of the application?


2. Your customer wishes to deploy an enterprise application to AWS which will consist of several web servers, several application servers and a small (50GB) Oracle database information is stored, both in the database and the file systems of the various servers. The backup system must support database recovery whole server and whole disk restores, and individual file restores with a recovery time of no more than two hours. They have chosen to use RDS Oracle as the database.

Which backup architecture will meet these requirements?


3. Your company has HQ in Tokyo and branch offices all over the world and is using a logistics software with a multi-regional deployment on AWS in Japan, Europe and USA. The logistic software has a 3-tier architecture and currently uses MySQL 5.6 for data persistence. Each region has deployed its own database.

In the HQ region you run an hourly batch process reading data from every region to compute cross-regional reports that are sent by email to all offices this batch process must be completed as fast as possible to quickly optimize logistics how do you build the database architecture in order to meet the requirements’?


4. A customer has a 10 GB AWS Direct Connect connection to an AWS region where they have a web application hosted on Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2). The application has dependencies on an on-premises mainframe database that uses a BASE (Basic Available. Sort stale Eventual consistency) rather than an ACID (Atomicity. Consistency isolation. Durability) consistency model. The application is exhibiting undesirable behavior because the database is not able to handle the volume of writes.

How can you reduce the load on your on-premises database resources in the most cost-effective way?


5. Company B is launching a new game app for mobile devices. Users will log into the game using their existing social media account to streamline data capture. Company B would like to directly save player data and scoring information from the mobile app to a DynamoDS table named Score Data When a user saves their game the progress data will be stored to the Game state S3 bucket.

What is the best approach for storing data to DynamoDB and S3?


6. Your company plans to host a large donation website on Amazon Web Services (AWS). You anticipate a large and undetermined amount of traffic that will create many database writes. To be certain that you do not drop any writes to a database hosted on AWS.

Which service should you use?


7. You have launched an EC2 instance with four (4) 500 GB EBS Provisioned IOPS volumes attached The EC2 Instance Is EBS-Optimized and supports 500 Mbps throughput between EC2 and EBS. The two EBS volumes are configured as a single RAID o device, and each Provisioned IOPS volume is provisioned with 4.000 IOPS (4 000 16KB reads or writes) for a total of 16.000 random IOPS on the instance The EC2 Instance initially delivers the expected 16 000 IOPS random read and write performance Sometime later in order to increase the total random I/O performance of the instance, you add an additional two 500 GB EBS Provisioned IOPS volumes to the RAID Each volume Is provisioned to 4.000 IOPs like the original four for a total of 24.000 IOPS on the EC2 instance Monitoring shows that the EC2 instance CPU utilization increased from 50% to 70%. but the total random IOPS measured at the instance level does not increase at all.

What is the problem and a valid solution?


8. You have recently joined a startup company building sensors to measure street noise and air quality in urban areas. The company has been running a pilot deployment of around 100 sensors for 3 months each sensor uploads 1KB of sensor data every minute to a backend hosted on AWS.

During the pilot, you measured a peak or 10 IOPS on the database, and you stored an average of 3GB of sensor data per month in the database.

The current deployment consists of a load-balanced auto scaled Ingestion layer using EC2 instances and a PostgreSQL RDS database with 500GB standard storage.

The pilot is considered a success and your CEO has managed to get the attention or some potential investors. The business plan requires a deployment of at least 100K sensors which needs to be supported by the backend. You also need to store sensor data for at least two years to be able to compare year over year Improvements.

To secure funding, you have to make sure that the platform meets these requirements and leaves room for further scaling.

Which setup win meet the requirements?


9. Your company is in the process of developing a next generation pet collar that collects biometric information to assist families with promoting healthy lifestyles for their pets Each collar will push 30kb of biometric data In JSON format every 2 seconds to a collection platform that will process and analyze the data providing health trending information back to the pet owners and veterinarians via a web portal Management has tasked you to architect the collection platform ensuring the following requirements are met.

Provide the ability for real-time analytics of the inbound biometric data

Ensure processing of the biometric data is highly durable. Elastic and parallel

The results of the analytic processing should be persisted for data mining

Which architecture outlined below win meet the initial requirements for the collection platform?


10. You need a persistent and durable storage to trace call activity of an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system. Call duration is mostly in the 2-3 minutes timeframe. Each traced call can be either active or terminated. An external application needs to know each minute the list of currently active calls, which are usually a few calls/second. Put once per month there is a periodic peak up to 1000 calls/second for a few hours. The system is open 24/7 and any downtime should be avoided. Historical data is periodically archived to files. Cost saving is a priority for this project.

What database implementation would better fit this scenario, keeping costs as low as possible?


11. A web design company currently runs several FTP servers that their 250 customers use to upload and download large graphic files. They wish to move this system to AWS to make it more scalable, but they wish to maintain customer privacy and Keep costs to a minimum.

What AWS architecture would you recommend?


12. Amazon EC2 provides virtual computing environments known as _____.


13. You would like to create a mirror image of your production environment in another region for disaster recovery purposes.

Which of the following AWS resources do not need to be recreated in the second region? (Choose two.)


14. Your company runs a customer facing event registration site This site is built with a 3-tier architecture with web and application tier servers and a MySQL database The application requires 6 web tier servers and 6 application tier servers for normal operation, but can run on a minimum of 65% server capacity and a single MySQL database. When deploying this application in a region with three availability zones (AZs) which architecture provides high availability?


15. Your application is using an ELB in front of an Auto Scaling group of web/application servers deployed across two AZs and a Multi-AZ RDS Instance for data persistence.

The database CPU is often above 80% usage and 90% of I/O operations on the database are reads. To improve performance you recently added a single-node Memcached ElastiCache Cluster to cache frequent DB query results. In the next weeks the overall workload is expected to grow by 30%.

Do you need to change anything in the architecture to maintain the high availability or the application with the anticipated additional load? Why?


16. You are responsible for a legacy web application whose server environment is approaching end of life You would like to migrate this application to AWS as quickly as possible, since the application environment currently has the following limitations:

The VM’s single 10GB VMDK is almost full

Me virtual network interface still uses the 10Mbps driver, which leaves your 100Mbps WAN connection completely underutilized

It is currently running on a highly customized. Windows VM within a VMware environment:

You do not have me installation media

This is a mission critical application with an RTO (Recovery Time Objective) of 8 hours. RPO (Recovery Point Objective) of 1 hour.

How could you best migrate this application to AWS while meeting your business continuity requirements?


17. An International company has deployed a multi-tier web application that relies on DynamoDB in a single region. For regulatory reasons they need disaster recovery capability In a separate region with a Recovery Time Objective of 2 hours and a Recovery Point Objective of 24 hours They should synchronize their data on a regular basis and be able to provision me web application rapidly using CloudFormation.

The objective is to minimize changes to the existing web application, control the throughput of DynamoDB used for the synchronization of data and synchronize only the modified elements.

Which design would you choose to meet these requirements?


18. Your company currently has a 2-tier web application running in an on-premises data center. You have experienced several infrastructure failures in the past two months resulting in significant financial losses. Your CIO is strongly agreeing to move the application to AWS. While working on achieving buy-in from the other company executives, he asks you to develop a disaster recovery plan to help improve Business continuity in the short term. He specifies a target Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of 4 hours and a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of 1 hour or less. He also asks you to implement the solution within 2 weeks. Your database is 200GB in size and you have a 20Mbps Internet connection.

How would you do this while minimizing costs?


19. An ERP application is deployed across multiple AZs in a single region. In the event of failure, the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) must be less than 3 hours, and the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) must be 15 minutes the customer realizes that data corruption occurred roughly 1.5 hours ago.

What DR strategy could be used to achieve this RTO and RPO in the event of this kind of failure?


20. Your startup wants to implement an order fulfillment process for selling a personalized gadget that needs an average of 3-4 days to produce with some orders taking up to 6 months you expect 10 orders per day on your first day. 1000 orders per day after 6 months and 10,000 orders after 12 months.

Orders coming in are checked for consistency men dispatched to your manufacturing plant for production quality control packaging shipment and payment processing If the product does not meet the quality standards at any stage of the process employees may force the process to repeat a step Customers are notified via email about order status and any critical issues with their orders such as payment failure.

Your case architecture includes AWS Elastic Beanstalk for your website with an RDS MySQL instance for customer data and orders.

How can you implement the order fulfillment process while making sure that the emails are delivered reliably?


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