API-580 Practice Test Questions – Risk Based Inspection Professional

The API 580 Risk Based Inspection certification exam tests the individual’s knowledge and expertise in the field of Risk Based Inspection. PassQuestion team has carefully designed API-580 Practice Test Questions to help you. These series of API-580 Practice Test Questions fully enriche your related professional knowledge, then help you easily obtain Risk Based Inspection Professional exam certification. We 100% guarantee the professionalism of our exam questions and your passing Risk Based Inspection Professional exam.it is our aim to make you prospect in IT field and to pass API-580 exam successfully.

API-580 Practice Test Questions – Risk Based Inspection Professional

1. Methods that use engineering judgment and experience as the bases for the analysis of probabilities and consequences of failure. 


2. The type of failure mode that likely to occur due to mechanical and metallurgical deterioration.


3. A process to assess risks, to determine if risk reduction is required and to develop a plan to maintain risks at an acceptable level. 


4. Termination of the ability of a system, structure, or component to perform its required function of containment of fluid (le loss of containment). 


5. Following is the unit of measure of consequence that is least developed among those currently used for rbi assessment.


6. If the material of construction and internal/external conditions are the same. 


7. Sec occurs when equipment is exposed to environments. 


8. _______________in a safety context is a hazard. 


9. ___________is usually not the primaryobjective of a rabiassessment, but it is frequently a side effect of optimization. 


10. The type of failure mode that likely to occur due to ssc. 


11. ______________ provides a consistent methodology for assessing the optimum combination of methods and frequencies. 


12. Depending on the methodology employed in qualitative analysis, the categories may be described with words such as 


13. _________________curves are referred for the deterioration mechanismfor carbon and low ally steel materials. 


14. Rbi requires the commitment and cooperation of the 


15. If multiple inspections have been performed, which inspection may best reflect current operating conditions? 


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