Apigee API Engineer Exam Questions

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Apigee API Engineer Exam Questions – Google Cloud – Apigee Certified API Engineer

1. How many times can an authorization code be used to obtain an access token?


2. When is it appropriate to use query parameters in RESTful API design? Select all that are correct


3. What does the variable “message.content” represent?


4. Which features are supported in the OAulhV2 policy’? Select all that are correct. Choose 3 answers


5. Which describe OAuth 2.0 Refresh Tokens’? Select all that are correct


6. The performance testing team would like to improve the transactions per second for an API you recently developed. The API retrieves partner names and contact information.

What should you do?


7. Which feature can be used to automatically distribute traffic across multiple target servers’?


8. Which features are supported in the OAuthV2 policy? Choose 3 answers


9. As an API Engineer your team is deploying code to production tonight. The test team will spend most of the night ensuring there are no bugs in the new release. After you deploy you want to go home.

What is the best way to quickly verify a complete deployment?


10. You are working on a project that adheres strictly to the Roy Fielding REST concepts. You need to update a single property named “status” of a complicated entity.

What should you do?


11. You are using Apigee Edge as the OAuth Resource Server. The product owner asks you to create an API that logs a user out by revoking OAuth tokens.

What should you do?


12. When retrieving a value from an encrypted KVM. the variable name to which it is assigned must be prefixed with which value to prevent it from being readable in tracing sessions?


13. Which Edge Microgateway plugin does not need to be explicitly added to the plugin sequence attribute configuration for execution?


14. Which approaches can be used for extracting data from a SOAP body and returning it as a JSON response in Apigee Edge? Select all that are correct. Choose 3 answers


15. How can we specrfy the type of Security (basic auth, oauth) used by the API in OpenAPI Specification 2.0?


16. You need to log certain data to a custom logging service while processing the response You want to avoid processing delays due to logging during the logic flow.

What should you do?


17. As an API Engineer you are approached late in the day with an emergency request to configure a 2 way TLS connection between Apigee and the backend server. All existing certificates have been revoked. The security team provides you the PEM file for the backend server and your new Apigee TLS certificate.

What minimum steps are required to reconfigure 2-way TLS? Choose 2 answers


18. When using a Shared Flow from a Flow Hook, which proxies will call the Shared Flow?


19. Which are NOT a step in the OAuth 2 0 authorization code grant process? Select all that are correct


20. Which protocols are supported by the Message Logging policy? Select all that are correct


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