ArcGIS Desktop Professional 19-001 EADP19-001 Real Questions

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1. An ArcGIS user wants to create a hierarchy and differentiate cities on a map by categorizing the way the features are labeled.

What should be used to achieve the desired result?


2. Four emergency response facilities need to be placed so that the greatest number of people in a community can be reached within five minutes.

Which analysis method is used to make this determination?


3. In a disconnected environment a data receiver fails to send acknowledgement messages often enough.

How will the data sender respond?


4. When is an ArcGlS user required to change the format of data before working with it in ArcMap?


5. An ArcGIS user is making a map and needs to symbolize cliff and escarpment features above contour features.

How can the features be ordered correctly if they are all in the same layer?


6. After the ground water is the local community was contaminated by a landfill, the health department requested a map showing the cancer rate for each postal code. An ArcGlS user Is provided a file geodatabase feature class (FeatureClassA) that has been joined to a cancer rate table (TableB). The cancer rate table does not have data for each postal code In the study and also contains data outside the study area creating null values. To eliminate the null values from being symbolized.

Which exclusion query should be used?


7. An ArcGIS user processes a point feature class using the Collect Events tool. The user finds that the output value for each feature is 1.

Why did the tool only produce values of 1?


8. An ArcGIS user wants to make a map displaying the data using an equal number of features in each classification.

Which classification method should the user employ to accomplish this?


9. When is an ArcGIS user required to convert a triangulated irregular network (TIN) surface of elevation to a raster?


10. A-layer tiding simple symbology is causing slow drawing performance at a scale where analysis needs to be conducted. Only certain features from this layer are necessary in order for analysis to be completed by the ArcGlS user

What can the user do to increase drawing performance?


11. An ArcGlS user receives two shapefiles that are defined with the same projection and represent features in the same study area. When they are displayed together in ArcMap. the difference of their locations in coordinate space is so large that they are barely visible when viewed at their full extent.

How can the user determine whether the projections of the shapefiles are correctly defined?


12. An ArsGIS user has a Python script to synchronize a geodatabase with large numbers of updates from the server.

Why does the ArcGIS user benefit from scheduling the synchronization process through Task Scheduler?


13. In the Feature Class to Feature Class tool which parameter allows an ArcGlS user to manipulate attributes to be included the output feature class table?


14. An ArcGlS user has high-resolution single-band data and another raster datasetthat is multiband with lower resolution.

Which process is used to convert the single-band data to multi-band, while retaining its resolution?


15. For a project, an ArcGlS user creates a custom user interface form to allow data entry and editing directly with the database. This form must be available within ArcMap and also as a stand-alone tool.

How can this custom form be made available within ArcMap?


16. Upon opening a model In ModelBuilder. one 01 the tools has a repair icon next to it.

How can the model be repaired?


17. An ArcGIS user downloads shapefiles from a Web site. The metadata on the Web site Indicates that the spatial reference the same as that used in the user’s workplace, but the downloads draw southwest of the user’s data and the downloaded data appears too small.

What is the most likely cause of the alignment problem?


18. A taster contains pixels with decimal values.

Which method is used to round raster pixel values to the nearest whole number?


19. An ArcGIS user is tasked with converting an IDRISI vector format file to a geodatabase feature class. The user does not need to change any aspects of the data source in the output feature class.

Which tool should the user employ?


20. The ArcGIS user is given data for the Arctic and is asked to perform various types of analysis using the data. The data extends from the North Pole south to 70 degrees North Latitude Data layers may contain points lines, or polygons, and include ice surveys from NOAA depth contours: continental margins, locations of known and suspected oil reserves, endangered species habitat, and territorial boundaries for nations having Arctic coastline.

Which map projection should be used for the data to allow the most accurate buffering of those areas, in order to comply with the U.S court decision that ships may not approach closer than 20 nautical miles to a seal rookery?


ArcGIS Desktop Entry 19-001 EADE19-001 Exam Questions

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