Aruba Certified ClearPass Associate (ACCA) HPE6-A82 Real Questions (60 Q&As)

Aruba Certified ClearPass Associate Exam tests your foundational knowledge of ClearPass Policy Manager and ClearPass Guest. This exam tests your skills on how to configure ClearPass as an authentication server for both corporate users and guests. It also tests your foundational knowledge of device profiling and posture checks. PassQuestion offers the latest Aruba Certified ClearPass Associate (ACCA) HPE6-A82 Real Questions to help you get all the exam topics and knowledge for your preparation,you can pass yourHPE6-A82 exam at your first attempt.

Test Online Aruba Certified ClearPass Associate (ACCA) HPE6-A82 Free Questions

1. A customer is setting up Guest access with ClearPass. They are considering using 802.1X for both the Employee network and the Guest network.

What are two issues the customer may encounter when deploying 802 1X with the Guest network? (Select two)


2. What is an effect of the Cache Timeout setting on the authentication source settings for Active Directory?


3. Refer to the exhibit.

What is true regarding leaving the indicated option "Use cached Roles and Posture attributes from previous sessions" unchecked?


4. Your boss suggests configuring a guest self-registration page in ClearPass for an upcoming conference event.

What are the benefits of using guest serf-registration’? (Select two)


5. What is the significance of using the [Allow ALL MAC AUTH] as an Authentication Method for Guests?


6. Which statement is true about OnGuard? (Select two.)


7. Refer to the exhibit.

What are two consequences of the Cache Timeout being set to 36000 seconds? (Select two.)


8. When using Guest Authentication with MAC Caching service template, which statements are true? (Select two.)


9. Which ClearPass feature assesses endpoint context and client device type?


10. Refer to the exhibit.

A client is attempting to authenticate using their Windows account with a bad password if the Remote Lab AD server is down for maintenance, what win be the expected result?


11. A customer with 985 employees would like to authenticate employees using a captive portal guest web login page Employees should use their AD credentials to login on this page

Which statement is true?


12. Which two are required to add a Network Access Device (NAD) into ClearPass? (Select two.)



Match the ClearPass system description to the best term Options are used only once.

14. Refer to the diagram.

When creating a new ClearPass Service, the [Time Source] has been added as an authorization source.

What time source is ClearPass referencing?



Select all that apply

Match the security description to the term that best fits. Options are used only once.

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