Aruba Certified Switching Associate Exam HPE6-A72 Real Questions

The best way to prepare for your HPE6-A72 exam is here. HPE6-A72 exam test the candidate on the fundamental skills necessary to configure and manage modern, open standards-based networking solutions using Aruba’s OS-CX routing and switching technologies in small to medium enterprise network solutions. PassQuestion provides HPE6-A72 Real Questions to help you master the exam objectives and pass your Aruba Certified Switching Associate Exam HPE6-A72 successfully.

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1. Which two options are the Layer 3 Routing protocols? (Choose two.)


2. Which command can be used to find the serial number of an Aruba OS-CX switch?


3. Refer to the exhibit.

Which command produces the above output?


4. Which statement is correct regarding powering an Aruba Access Point?


5. ServiceOS login: admin

SVOS> password

Enter password: ********

Confirm password: ********

The login password to access an Aruba AOS-CX was lost. After connecting to the switch console port, a reboot is performed and the Service OS console is accessed as shown above.

What is the default password that is required for the admin account while under the Service OS console?


6. Your customer has 349 users in a two-story building.

What are two benefits of a 2-Tier design? (Choose two.)


7. You have completed a successful VSF stack between two switches.

Without manually assigning a backup switch, what is the expected output when issuing a show vsf command?


8. Refer to the exhibit

Which command on Access-2 port 1/1/4 will enable connectivity between PC-1 and Server-1 without any routing enabled in the network?


9. What are the commands to disable SSH and HTTPS services from the default VRF?


10. What are two OSPF attributes within the hello messages that must match to successfully establish neighbor relationships? (Choose two.)


11. What are two methods for remotely managing an Aruba AOS-CX switch? (Choose two.)


12. Refer to the exhibit.

The above command was applied to an Aruba AOS-CX 6300M 24-port switch with 4-port SFP56 uplinks. All ports are set as access switchports.

Which ports carry VLAN 1 traffic?


13. Refer to the exhibit.

The above output is the result of issuing the command show system resource-utilization.

What command should be used to enable terminal output line by line or page by page?


14. Which two port characteristics must match between LAG interfaces? (Choose two.)



Click on the colored box that corresponds with the line that best represents Unicast traffic flow.

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