Associate – Networking Exam DEA-5TT1 Real Questions

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Associate – Networking Exam DEA-5TT1 Real Questions

1. What is a fundamental risk of the Peer-to-Peer network model?


2. Which network device functions only at Layer 1 of the OSI model?


3. Which IEEE 802.3 sublayer provides addressing and mechanisms that enable network devices to communicate, and provides node-to-node flow control and error management?


4. Which address is a valid 802.3 MAC address?


5. A network administrator needs to identify which MAC addresses are static. Under which column in the output of the show mac-address-table command is this information displayed?


6. Which nanometer range will an SFP work in multi-mode?



A service technician is deploying four Dell EMC Networking N-Series switches in a company’s network. The technician has enabled the Spanning Tree protocol on the switches.
Which switch should the Spanning Tree protocol select as a root bridge?

8. In IPv4, what is the proper conversion from decimal to binary for the number 226?


9. In IPv6 addressing, what refers to four binary characters?


10. How many stackable units are supported by a C1048P Rapid Access Node?


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