Avaya ACDS 33820X Exam Questions (64 Q&As)

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Test Online Avaya ACDS 33820X Free Questions

1. A customer wants to avoid large upfront capital expenses for software licenses with capacities that may or may not be needed.

Which Avaya OneCloud™ ReadyNow offer is the foundation of a rate card model that includes hardware, software usage, installation, operation, and maintenance as a monthly recurring charge?


2. A Contact Center manager wants an application solution that will identify and determine the caller’s intent through simple customer conversations using speech and self-service. They also want to serve themselves and eliminate geographic boundaries through true enterprise routing.

Which application solution will meet their requirements?


3. Refer to the exhibit.

Based on the following features and functions:

• Able to choose the best agent available to handle an outbound contact

• Supports behavior-based past and predicted future behavior for customers and agents

• Supports data trending to determine patterns which is refreshed daily

• POM queries It at that moment In time when It decides on the agent handling a given call

Which application would you place in the blue box?


4. Avaya IX™ Orchestration is a graphical development tool for creating applications that run on which three Avaya systems? (Choose three.)


5. A customer wants to use the Avaya Aura® Media Server (AAMS) because of its advanced multimedia processing features.

Which three statements are true for the AAMS? (Choose three.)


6. The Avaya Experience Portal (AEP) is licensed and offered on a per port basis.

Which three statements are true for the AEP? (Choose three.)


7. Application Enablement Services (AES) protocols such as TSAPI, JTAPI, and DMCC, no longer need to be purchased separately with which licensing option?


8. A customer requires a backup AEP system maintained in a different geographical location, where a manual process will move the licenses from the primary to the backup site.

Which disaster recovery solution would you recommend to this customer using Enterprise Wide Licensing?


9. A client wants a solution to view live, real-time information, and see the immediate results of their adjustments.

From a migration standpoint, in addition to Avaya Aura® Call Center Elite, which additional application will preserve the customer investment?


10. Avaya Common Servers supported for new orders for Virtual Appliance Deployments of Avaya Aura® 8.1.x applications will be shipped with Dell Gen 10 servers using Intel Skylake processors. There are three (ASP 110, 120 and 130) variants of this Avaya Solutions Platform (ASP) that differ only in the way the software is loaded on the server, because the underlying hardware is the same.

Which two statements are true for the ASP 130? (Choose two.)


11. Which two statements about the enhancements to Elite Multichannel Release 6.6 security are true? (Choose two.)


12. A new customer needs a solution that runs on their existing Avaya Aura® Unified Communication (UC) platform, and provides basic and advanced call center features like Expert Agent Selection and Best Service Routing.

Based on these requirements, which solution would you recommend to the customer?


13. Avaya Aura® and Call Center Elite together help reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) with centralization and consolidation.

Avaya’s open architecture provides feature and investment options for any enterprise, and customers can choose from which two options? (Choose two.)


14. Avaya OneCloud IX, H Contact Center is a true, multi-tenant, complete Contact Center solution that provides a simplified cloud experience for operations and agents. A customer needs skill-based call center routing as part of their solution.

Which two IX™ Contact Center bundles offer this feature? (Choose two.)


15. Avaya Elite Multichannel (EMC) Release 6.6 supports which three platforms? (Choose three.)


16. Avaya Elite Multichannel (EMC) is a Microsoft Windows-based software feature set.

Avaya Elite Multichannel R6.6 integrates with MS Dynamics 365 in which two use cases? (Choose two.)


17. A customer has inquired about Avaya Callback Assist (CBA) to learn about immediate and scheduled callbacks with Avaya Experience Portal.

From a technical and administration standpoint, CBA supports which two environments? (Choose two.)


18. A customer requires a solution that has a broad appeal across all vertical markets, and simplifies the management operations of Avaya-based solutions through a centralized administration platform. This solution will also reduce costs, enhance security and access, all without increasing complexity.

Which application solution would you present to this customer?


19. Contact centers use remote agents to expand the available talent pool, to find agents in affordable places, and to outsource work.

To support a customer’s requirement for Remote Agents/Workers, your design scope will include which licensing requirement for Remote Agents/Workers?


20. Refer to the exhibit.

In this example, the target market is enterprise contact centers and general enterprise telephony customers who are implementing CTI applications with Communications Manager.

Which open standards-based solution runs on a Linux server, is tightly integrated with a Communication Manager and Elite Multichannel solution, and is missing from this diagram?


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