Avaya IP Office Platform Basic Integration and Configuration 77200X Exam Questions

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Test Online Avaya 77200X Free Questions

1. An Avaya IP Office customer with digital telephones uses their outbound digital lines at a capacity of 95%.

Which capacity increase should be considered when planning for future growth?


2. Which statement about the Manager Application for IP Office Server Edition is true?


3. When setting up Alarm Notifications on an Avaya IP Office solution, which three destination criteria can be selected? (Choose three.)


4. What is the maximum number of Combo cards supported on the IP500 V2 control unit?


5. You are upgrading your Avaya IP Office network with a new release of software.

What is the procedure to install new binary files for the Avaya IP phones?


6. Which two methods can be used to capture Avaya IP Office call activity on the System Status Application (SSA)? (Choose two.)


7. Which of the IP Office deployments listed below has the highest specifications and functional capabilities?


8. Which Voicemail Pro solution is only supported with IP Office Select?


9. Calls into an Avaya IP Office hunt group are queuing, but the hunt group callers are not getting the queuing messages.

Which feature would you check?


10. After the installation of Avaya Equinox Client on a User’s Computer has been completed, which User Information is needed when the client is configured manually?


11. On an Avaya IP Office solution, which account provides access to administer Voicemail Pro and one-X® Portal?


12. On an Avaya IP Office solution, which feature can release resources by letting a call use the IP network when calling from one site to another?


13. On an Avaya IP Office, where can the administrator password be changed?


14. An Avaya IP Office customer wants all incoming calls from the 212 area code to be routed to the Sales hunt group.

To program an Incoming Call Route (ICR) to meet this requirement, which two steps are needed? (Choose two.)


15. To install and administer IP Office Server Edition, Voicemail Pro and System Status Application (SSA), which two components are required? (Choose two.)


16. During an Avaya IP Office Installation, how is an Auto Attendant tested?


17. Which Voicemail Pro element allows a customer to modify a condition in a call flow without using the Voicemail Pro Client?


18. When dialing a number on an Avaya IP Office telephone, which dialed number has the highest priority?


19. In an Avaya IP Office deployment, why does the Avaya Equinox® Client require the 46xxsettings.txt file?


20. With the tool Debug View, you can view the voice mail server activity.

Which statement about the Debug View is true?


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