AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty exam free questions

AWS Certified Big Data Specialty is a specialty level AWS certification. AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty exam validates technical skills and experience in designing and implementing AWS services to derive value from data. Passquestion provides you the latest AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty exam free questions below to practice, it is just a small part of real AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty exam questions from real test. 100% valid.

AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty Exam Free Questions

1. A data engineer in a manufacturing company is designing a data processing platform that receives a large volume of unstructured data. The data engineer must populate a well-structured star schema in Amazon Redshift. What is the most efficient architecture strategy for this purpose?


2. A new algorithm has been written in Python to identify SPAM e-mails. The algorithm analyzes the free text contained within a sample set of 1 million e-mails stored on Amazon S3. The algorithm must be scaled across a production dataset of 5 PB, which also resides in Amazon S3 storage. Which AWS service strategy is best for this use case?


3. A data engineer chooses Amazon DynamoDB as a data store for a regulated application. This application must be submitted to regulators for review. The data engineer needs to provide a control framework that lists the security controls from the process to follow to add new users down to the physical controls of the data center, including items like security guards and cameras. How should this control mapping be achieved using AWS?


4. An administrator needs to design a distribution strategy for a star schema in a Redshift cluster. The administrator needs to determine the optimal distribution style for the tables in the Redshift schema. In which three circumstances would choosing Key-based distribution be most appropriate? (Select three.)


5. Company A operates in Country X. Company A maintains a large dataset of historical purchase orders that contains personal data of their customers in the form of full names and telephone numbers. The dataset consists of 5 text files, 1TB each. Currently the dataset resides on-premises due to legal requirements of storing personal data in-country. The research and development department needs to run a clustering algorithm on the dataset and wants to use Elastic Map Reduce service in the closest AWS region. Due to geographic distance, the minimum latency between the on-premises system and the closet AWS region is 200 ms.

Which option allows Company A to do clustering in the AWS Cloud and meet the legal requirement of maintaining personal data in-country?


6. An administrator needs to design a strategy for the schema in a Redshift cluster. The administrator needs to determine the optimal distribution style for the tables in the Redshift schema.
In which two circumstances would choosing EVEN distribution be most appropriate? (Choose two.)


7. A large grocery distributor receives daily depletion reports from the field in the form of gzip archives od CSV files uploaded to Amazon S3. The files range from 500MB to 5GB. These files are processed daily by an EMR job.

Recently it has been observed that the file sizes vary, and the EMR jobs take too long. The distributor needs to tune and optimize the data processing workflow with this limited information to improve the performance of the EMR job.

Which recommendation should an administrator provide?


8. A web-hosting company is building a web analytics tool to capture clickstream data from all of the websites hosted within its platform and to provide near-real-time business intelligence. This entire system is built on AWS services. The web-hosting company is interested in using Amazon Kinesis to collect this data and perform sliding window analytics.

What is the most reliable and fault-tolerant technique to get each website to send data to Amazon Kinesis with every click?


9. A customer has an Amazon S3 bucket. Objects are uploaded simultaneously by a cluster of servers from multiple streams of data. The customer maintains a catalog of objects uploaded in Amazon S3 using an Amazon DynamoDB table. This catalog has the following fileds: StreamName, TimeStamp, and ServerName, from which ObjectName can be obtained.

The customer needs to define the catalog to support querying for a given stream or server within a defined time range.

Which DynamoDB table scheme is most efficient to support these queries?


10. A company has several teams of analysts. Each team of analysts has their own cluster. The teams need to run SQL queries using Hive, Spark-SQL, and Presto with Amazon EMR. The company needs to enable a centralized metadata layer to expose the Amazon S3 objects as tables to the analysts.

Which approach meets the requirement for a centralized metadata layer?



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