AWS Certified BigData – Specialty BDS-C00 Dumps Questions

AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty (BDS-C00) examination is intended for individuals who perform complex big data analyses. This exam validates an examinee’s technical skills and experience in designing and implementing AWS services to derive value from data. PassQuestion provides you the trustworthy AWS Certified BigData – Specialty BDS-C00 Dumps Questions to clear your BDS-C00 exam with ease. With the help of this real AWS Certified BigData – Specialty BDS-C00 Dumps Questions supplied by PassQuestion, you will quickly be prepared and clear your BDS-C00 exam.

Practice Online AWS Certified BigData – Specialty BDS-C00 Free Questions

1. Using only AWS services. You intend to automatically scale a fleet of stateless of stateless web servers based on CPU and network utilization metrics.

Which of the following services are needed? Choose 2 answers


2. A company has several teams of analytics. Each team of analysts has their own cluster. The teams need to run SQL queries using Hive, Spark-SQL and Presto with Amazon EMR. The company needs to enable a centralized metadata layer to expose the Amazon S3 objects as tables to the analysts.

Which approach meets the requirement for a centralized metadata layer?


3. What does Amazon CloudFormation provide?


4. As part of your continuous deployment process, your application undergoes an I/O load performance test before it is deployed to production using new AMIs. The application uses one Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) PIOPS volume per instance and requires consistent I/O performance.

Which of the following must be carried out to ensure that I/O load performance tests yield the correct results in a repeatable manner?


5. An organization is developing a mobile social application and needs to collect logs from all devices on which it is installed. The organization is evaluating the Amazon Kinesis Data Streams to push logs and Amazon EMR to process data. They want to store data on HDFS using the default replication factor to replicate data among the cluster, but they are concerned about the durability of the data. Currently, they are producing 300 GB of raw data daily, with additional spikes during special events. They will need to scale out the Amazon EMR cluster to match the increase in streamed data.

Which solution prevents data loss and matches compute demand?


6. A web-hosting company is building a web analytics tools to capture clickstream data from all of the websites hosted within its platform and to provide near-real-time business intelligence. This entire system is built on AWS services. The web-hosting company is interested in using Amazon kinesis to collect this data and perform sliding window analytics.

What is the most reliable and fault-tolerant technique to get each website to send data to Amazon Kinesis with every click?


7. What does Amazon RDS stand for?


8. Which of the following instance types are available as Amazon EBS backend only?


9. A travel website needs to present a graphical quantitative summary of its daily bookings to website visitors for marketing purposes. The website has millions of visitors per day, but wants to control costs by implementing the least-expensive solution for this visualization.

What is the most cost-effective solution?


10. A user is running a webserver on EC2. The user wants to receive the SMS when the EC2 instance utilization is above the threshold limit.

Which AWS services should the user configure in this case?


11. You need to design a VPC for a web-application consisting of an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB). A fleet of web/application servers, and an RDS database The Entire Infrastructure must be distributed over 2 availability zones.

Which VPC configuration works while assuring the database is not available from the Internet?


12. What is an isolated database environment running in the cloud (Amazon RDS) called?


13. Managers in a company need access to the human resources database that runs on Amazon Redshift, to run reports about their employees. Managers must only see information about their direct reports.

Which technique should be used to address this requirement with Amazon Redshift?


14. A company has reproducible data that they want to store on Amazon Web Services. The company may want to retrieve the data on a frequent basis.

Which Amazon web services storage option allows the customer to optimize storage costs and still achieve high availability for their data?


15. A company receives data sets coming from external providers on Amazon S3. Data sets from different providers are dependent on one another. Data sets will drive at different and is no particular order.

A data architect needs to design a solution that enables the company to do the following:

• Rapidly perform cross data set analysis as soon as the data becomes available

• Manage dependencies between data sets that arrives at different times

Which architecture strategy offers a scalable and cost-effective solution that meets these requirements?


16. An Administrator needs to design the event log storage architecture for events from mobile devices. The event data will be processed by an Amazon EMR cluster daily for aggregated reporting and analytics before being archived.

How should the administrator recommend storing the log data?


17. When using the following AWS services, which should be implemented in multiple Availability Zones for high availability solutions? Choose 2 answers


18. Fill in the blanks: A_____ is a storage device that moves data in sequences of bytes or bits (blocks). Hint: These devices support random access and generally use buffered I/O.


19. An AWS customer is deploying a web application that is composed of a front-end running on Amazon EC2 and of confidential data that is stored on Amazon S3. The customer security policy that all access operations to this sensitive data must be authenticated and authorized by a centralized access management system that is operated by a separate security team. In addition, the web application team that owns and administers the EC2 web front-end instances is prohibited from having any ability to access the data that circumvents this centralized access management system.

Which of the following configurations will support these requirements?


20. Can the string value of ‘Key’ be prefixed with laws?


21. An organization needs a data store to handle the following data types and access patterns

• Faceting

• Search

• Flexible schema (JSON) and fixed schema

• Noise word elimination

Which data store should the organization choose?


22. What does Amazon SES stand for?


23. Company A operates in Country X, Company A maintains a large dataset of historical purchase orders that contains personal data of their customers in the form of full names and telephone numbers. The dataset consists of 5 text files. 1TB each. Currently the dataset resides on- premises due to legal requirements of storing personal data in-country. The research and development department need to run a clustering algorithm on the dataset and wants to use Elastic Map Reduce service in the closes AWS region. Due to geographic distance the minimum latency between the on-premises system and the closet AWS region is 200 ms.

Which option allows Company A to do clustering in the AWS Cloud and meet the legal requirement of maintaining personal data in-country?


24. Your company operates a website for promoters to sell tickets for entertainment events. You are using a load balancer in front of an Auto Scaling group of web server. Promotion of popular events can cause surges of websites visitors. During scaling-out at theses times, newly launched instances are unable to complete configuration quickly enough, leading to user disappointment.

What option should you choose to improve scaling yet minimize costs? Choose 2 answers


25. When should I choose Provisioned IOPS over Standard RDS storage?


26. In the Amazon RDS Oracle DB engine, the Database Diagnostic Pack and the Database Tuning Pack are only available with ______________


27. An enterprise customer is migrating to Redshift and is considering using dense storage

nodes in its Redshift cluster. The customer wants to migrate 50 TB of data. The customer’s query patterns involve performing many joins with thousands of rows. The customer needs to know how many nodes are needed in its target Redshift cluster. The customer has a limited budget and needs to avoid performing tests unless absolutely needed.

Which approach should this customer use?


28. A photo-sharing service stores pictures in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and allows application sign-in using an opened connect-compatible identity provider.

Which AWS Security Token Service approach to temporary access should you use for the Amazon S3 operations?


29. A company is deploying a two tier, highly available web application to AWS.

Which Service provides durable storage for static content while utilizing lower overall CPU resources for the web tier?


30. Is decreasing the storage size of a DB Instance permitted?


31. An Amazon Kinesis stream needs to be encrypted.

Which approach should be used to accomplish this task?


32. The majority of your Infrastructure is on premises and you have a small footprint on AWS Your company has decided to roll out a new application that is heavily dependent on low latency connectivity to LOAP for authentication Your security policy requires minimal changes to the company’s existing application user management processes.

What option would you implement to successfully launch this application1?


33. A company needs to monitor the read and write IOPs metrics for their AWS MySQL RDS instance and send real-time alerts to their operations team.

Which AWS services can accomplish this? Choose 2 answers


34. A customer is collecting clickstream data using Amazon kinesis and is grouping the events by IP address into 5-minute chunks stored in Amazon S3.

Many analysts in the company use Hive on Amazon EMR to analyze this data. Their queries always reference a single IP address. Data must be optimized for querying based on UP address using Hive running on Amazon EMR.

What is the most efficient method to query the data with Hive?


35. An Amazon Redshift Database is encrypted using KMS. A data engineer needs to use the AWS CLI to create a KMS encrypted snapshot of the database in another AWS region.

Which three steps should the data engineer take to accomplish this task? (Select Three.)


36. A game company needs to properly scale its game application, which is backed by DynamoDB.

Amazon Redshift has the past two years of historical data. Game traffic varies throughout the year based on various factors such as season, movie release, and holiday season. An administrator needs to calculate how much read and write throughput should be previsioned for DynamoDB table for each week in advance.

How should the administrator accomplish this task?


37. Fill in the blanks: _____ is a durable, block-level storage volume that you can attach to a single, running Amazon EC2 instance.


38. An organization needs to store sensitive information on Amazon S3 and process it through Amazon EMR. Data must be encrypted on Amazon S3 and Amazon EMR at rest and in transit. Using Thrift Server, the Data Analysis team users HIVE to interact with this data. The organization would like to grant access to only specific databases and tables, giving permission only to the SELECT statement.

Which solution will protect the data and limit user access to the SELECT statement on a specific portion of data?


39. In the context of MySQL, version numbers are organized as MySQL version = X.Y.Z.

What does X denote here?


40. Amazon RDS supports SOAP only through __________.


41. Amazon RDS creates an SSL certificate and installs the certificate on the DB Instance when Amazon RDS provisions the instance. These certificates are signed by a certificate authority. The _____ is stored at


42. A user is planning to setup notifications on the RDS DB for a snapshot.

Which of the below mentioned event categories is not supported by RDS for this snapshot source type?


43. Is it possible to access your EBS snapshots?


44. A user wants to make so that whenever the CPU utilization of the AWS EC2 instance is above 90%, the redlight of his bedroom turns on.

Which of the below mentioned AWS services is helpful for this purpose?


45. Customers have recently been complaining that your web application has randomly stopped responding. During a deep dive of your logs, the team has discovered a major bug in your Java web application. This bug is causing a memory leak that eventually causes the application to crash.

Your web application runs on Amazon EC2 and was built with AWS CloudFormation.

Which techniques should you see to help detect theses problems faster, as well as help eliminate the server’s unresponsiveness? Choose 2 answers


46. You are currently hosting multiple applications in a VPC and have logged numerous port scans coming in from a specific IP address block. Your security team has requested that all access from the offending IP address block be denied for the next 24 hours.

Which of the following is the best method to quickly and temporarily deny access from the specified IP address block?


47. A solutions architect for a logistics organization ships packages from thousands of suppliers to end customers. The architect is building a platform where suppliers can view the status of one or more of their shipments. Each supplier can have multiple roles that will

only allow access to specific fields in the resulting information.

Which strategy allows the appropriate level of access control and requires the LEAST amount of management work?


48. What is the charge for the data transfer incurred in replicating data between your primary and standby?


49. When an Auto Scaling group is running in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), your application rapidly scales up and down in response to load within a 10-minutes window; however, after the load peaks, you begin to see problems in your configuration management system where previously terminated Amazon EC2 resources are still showing as active.

What would be a reliable and efficient way to handle the cleanup of Amazon EC2 resources with your configuration management systems? Choose 2 answers


50. HTTP Query-based requests are HTTP requests that use the HTTP verb GET or POST and a Query parameter named_____________.


51. Does Amazon RDS for SQL Server currently support importing data into the msdb database?


52. How many relational database engines does RDS currently support?


53. An online gaming company uses DynamoDB to store user activity logs and is experiencing throttled writes on the company’s DynamoDB tables. The company is NOT consuming close to the provisioned capacity. The table contains a large number of items and is partitioned on user and sorted by date. The table is 200GB and is currently provisioned at 10K WCU and 20K RCU.

Which two additional pieces of information are required to determine the cause of the throttling? (Select Two.)


54. A systems engineer for a company proposes digitalization and backup of large archives for customers. The systems engineer needs to provide users with a secure storage that makes sure that data will never be tempered with once it has been uploaded.

How should this be accomplished?


55. A medical record filing system for a government medical fund is using an Amazon S3 bucket to archive documents related to patients. Every patient visit to a physician creates a new file, which can add up to millions of files each month. Collection of these files from each physician is handled via a batch process that runs every night using AWS Data Pipeline. This is sensitive data, so the data and any associated metadata must be encrypted at rest.

Auditors review some files on a quarterly basis to see whether the records are maintained according to regulations. Auditors must be able to locate any physical file in the S3 bucket or a given data, patient, or physician. Auditors spend a signification amount of time locating such files.

What is the most cost-and time-efficient collection methodology in this situation?


56. A user is planning to setup infrastructure on AWS for the Christmas sales. The user is planning to use Auto Scaling based on the schedule for proactive scaling.

What advise would you give to the user?


57. Select the correct set of steps for exposing the snapshot only to specific AWS accounts


58. By default what are ENIs that are automatically created and attached to instances using the EC2 console set to do when the attached instance terminates?


59. A customers needs to capture all client connection information from their load balancer every five minutes. The company wants to use data for analyzing traffic patterns and troubleshooting their applications.

Which of the following options meets the customer requirements?


60. A company needs a churn prevention model to predict which customers will NOT review their yearly subscription to the company’s service. The company plans to provide these customers with a promotional offer. A binary classification model that uses Amazon Machine Learning is required.

On which basis should this binary classification model be built?


61. An Amazon EMR cluster using EMRFS has access to Megabytes of data on Amazon S3, originating from multiple unique data sources. The customer needs to query common fields across some of the data sets to be able to perform interactive joins and then display results quickly.

Which technology is most appropriate to enable this capability?


62. Your application uses CloudFormation to orchestrate your application’s resources. During your testing phase before application went live, your Amazon RDS instance type was

changed and caused the instance to be re-created, resulting in the loss of test data.

How should you prevent this from occurring in the future?


63. A company is centralizing a large number of unencrypted small files rom multiple Amazon S3 buckets. The company needs to verify that the files contain the same data after centralization.

Which method meets the requirements?


64. The Amazon EC2 web service can be accessed using the _____ web services messaging protocol. This interface is described by a Web Services Description Language (WSDL) document.


65. When attached to an Amazon VPC which two components provide connectivity with external networks? Choose 2 answers


66. Is there any way to own a direct connection to Amazon Web Services?


67. What is the maximum response time for a Business level Premium Support case?


68. You need to configure an Amazon S3 bucket to serve static assets for your public-facing web application.

Which methods ensure that all objects uploaded to the bucket are set to public read? Choose 2 answers


69. The Marketing Director in your company asked you to create a mobile app that lets users post sightings of good deeds known as random acts of kindness in 80-character summaries. You decided to write the application in JavaScript so that it would run on the broadest range of phones, browsers, and tablets. Your application should provide access to Amazon DynamoDB to store the good deed summaries. Initial testing of a prototype shows that there aren’t large spikes in usage.

Which option provides the most cost-effective and scalable architecture for this application?


70. A gas company needs to monitor gas pressure in their pipelines. Pressure data is streamed from sensors placed throughout the pipelines to monitor the data in real time. When an anomaly is detected, the system must send a notification to open valve. An Amazon Kinesis stream collects the data from the sensors and an anomaly Kinesis stream triggers an AWS Lambda function to open the appropriate valve.

Which solution is the MOST cost-effective for responding to anomalies in real time?


71. A user has launched an EC2 instance from an instance store backed AMI. The infrastructure team wants to create an AMI from the running instance.

Which of the below mentioned steps will not be performed while creating the AMI?


72. What is one key difference between an Amazon EBS-backed and an instance-store backed instance?


73. You want to securely distribute credentials for your Amazon RDS instance to your fleet of

web server instances. The credentials are stored in a file that is controlled by a configuration management system.

How do you securely deploy the credentials in an automated manner across the fleet of web server instances, which can number in the hundreds, while retaining the ability to roll back if needed?


74. An organization has added a clickstream to their website to analyze traffic. The website is sending each page request with the PutRecord API call to an Amazon Kinesis stream by using the page name as the partition key. During peak spikes in website traffic, a support engineer notices many ProvisionedThroughputExcededException events in the application logs.

What should be done to resolve the issue in the MOST cost-effective way?


75. You have an application running on an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instance, that uploads 5 GB video objects to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). Video uploads are taking longer than expected, resulting in poor application performance.

Which method will help improve performance of your application?


76. Which of the following notification endpoints or clients are supported by Amazon Simple Notification Service? Choose 2 answers


77. You are configuring your company’s application to use Auto Scaling and need to move user state information.

Which of the following AWS services provides a shared data store with durability and low latency?


78. You are managing the AWS account of a big organization. The organization has more than 1000+ employees and they want to provide access to the various services to most of the employees.

Which of the below mentioned options is the best possible solution in this case?


79. A company that provides economics data dashboards needs to be able to develop software to display rich, interactive, data-driven graphics that run in web browsers and leverages the full stack of web standards (HTML, SVG and CSS).

Which technology provides the most appropriate for this requirement?


80. There are thousands of text files on Amazon S3. The total size of the files is 1 PB. The files contain retail order information for the past 2 years. A data engineer needs to run multiple interactive queries to manipulate the data. The data Engineer has AWS access to spin up an Amazon EMR cluster. The data Engineer needs to use an application on the cluster to process this data and return the results in interactive time frame.

Which application on the cluster should be the data engineer use?


81. Is there a limit to the number of groups you can have?


82. Which Amazon storage do you think is the best for my database-style applications that frequently encounter many random reads and writes across the dataset?


83. Which of the following requires a custom cloud watch metric to monitor?


84. An organization’s data warehouse contains sales data for reporting purposes. data governance policies prohibit staff from accessing the customers’ credit card numbers.

How can these policies be adhered to and still allow a Data Scientist to group transactions that use the same credit card number?


85. You run a small online consignment marketplace. Interested sellers complete an online application in order to allow them to sell their products on your website. Once approved, they can their product using a custom interface. From that point, you manage the shopping cart process so that when a buyer decides to buy a product, you handle the billing and coordination the shipping. Part of this process requires sending emails to the buyer and the seller at different stages. Your system has been running on AWS for a few months. Occasionally, products are shipped before payment has cleared and emails are sent out of order. Furthermore, sometimes credit cards are being charged twice.

How can you resolve these problems?


86. You have started a new job and are reviewing your company’s infrastructure on AWS You notice one web application where they have an Elastic Load Balancer (&B) in front of web instances in an Auto Scaling Group When you check the metrics for the ELB in CloudWatch you see four healthy instances in Availability Zone (AZ) A and zero in AZ B There are zero unhealthy instances.

What do you need to fix to balance the instances across AZs?


87. Can I attach more than one policy to a particular entity?


88. A company operates an international business served from a single AWS region. The company wants to expand into a new country. The regulator for that country requires the Data Architect to maintain a log of financial transactions in the country within 24 hours of production transaction. The production application is latency insensitive. The new country contains another AWS region.

What is the most cost-effective way to meet this requirement?


89. Within the IAM service a GROUP is regarded as a:


90. My Read Replica appears "stuck" after a Multi-AZ failover and is unable to obtain or apply updates from the source DB Instance.

What do I do?


91. What happens to the I/O operations while you take a database snapshot?


92. Is there a limit to the number of groups you can have?


93. A data engineer chooses Amazon DynamoDB as a data store for a regulated application. This application must be submitted to regulators for review. The data engineer needs to provide a control framework that lists the security controls from the process to follow to add new users down to the physical controls of the data center, including items like security guards and cameras.

How should this control mapping be a achieved using AWS?


94. A user is trying to setup a recurring Auto Scaling process. The user has setup one process to scale up every day at 8 am and scale down at 7 PM. The user is trying to setup another recurring process which scales up on the 1st of every month at 8 AM and scales down the same day at 7 PM.

What will Auto Scaling do in this scenario?


95. Because of the extensibility limitations of striped storage attached to Windows Server, Amazon RDS does not currently support increasing storage on a _____ DB Instance.


96. An organization would like to run analytics on their Elastic Load Balancing logs stored in Amazon S3 and join this data with other tables in Amazon S3. The users are currently using a BI tool connecting with JDBC and would like to keep using this BI tool.

Which solution would result in the LEAST operational overhead?


97. Which two AWS services provide out-of-the-box user configurable automatic backup-as-a-service and backup rotation options? Choose 2 answers


98. In AWS, which security aspects are the customer’s responsibility? Choose 4 answers


99. An administrator tries to use the Amazon Machine Learning service to classify social media posts that mention the administrator’s company into posts that requires a response and posts that do not. The training dataset of 10,000 posts contains the details of each post including the timestamp, author, and full text of the post. The administrator is missing the target labels that are required for training.

Which Amazon Machine Learning model is the most appropriate for the task?


100. Do the Amazon EBS volumes persist independently from the running life of an Amazon EC2 instance?


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