AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty MLS-C01 Exam Questions Available

Are you preparing for MLS-C01 AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty exam?PassQuestion provides the latest AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty MLS-C01 Exam Questions to best help you pass your MLS-C01 exam successfully in your first time. You will find all real MLS-C01 questions and answers to practice and feel confident to take your AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty exam.

AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty MLS-C01 Exam Questions Available

1. A large mobile network operating company is building a machine learning model to predict customers who are likely to unsubscribe from the service. The company plans to offer an incentive for these customers as the cost of churn is far greater than the cost of the incentive.

The model produces the following confusion matrix after evaluating on a test dataset of 100 customers:

Based on the model evaluation results, why is this a viable model for production?


2. A Machine Learning Specialist is designing a system for improving sales for a company. The objective is to use the large amount of information the company has on users’ behavior and product preferences to predict which products users would like based on the users’ similarity to other users.

What should the Specialist do to meet this objective?


3. A Mobile Network Operator is building an analytics platform to analyze and optimize a company’s operations using Amazon Athena and Amazon S3.

The source systems send data in .CSV format in real time. The Data Engineering team wants to transform the data to the Apache Parquet format before storing it on Amazon S3.

Which solution takes the LEAST effort to implement?


4. A city wants to monitor its air quality to address the consequences of air pollution. A Machine Learning Specialist needs to forecast the air quality in parts per million of contaminates for the next 2 days in the city. As this is a prototype, only daily data from the last year is available.

Which model is MOST likely to provide the best results in Amazon SageMaker?


5. A Data Engineer needs to build a model using a dataset containing customer credit card information

How can the Data Engineer ensure the data remains encrypted and the credit card information is secure?


6. A Machine Learning Specialist is using an Amazon SageMaker notebook instance in a private subnet of a corporate VPC. The ML Specialist has important data stored on the Amazon SageMaker notebook instance’s Amazon EBS volume, and needs to take a snapshot of that EBS volume.

However, the ML Specialist cannot find the Amazon SageMaker notebook instance’s EBS volume or Amazon EC2 instance within the VPC.

Why is the ML Specialist not seeing the instance visible in the VPC?


7. A Machine Learning Specialist is building a model that will perform time series forecasting using Amazon SageMaker. The Specialist has finished training the model and is now planning to perform load testing on the endpoint so they can configure Auto Scaling for the model variant.

Which approach will allow the Specialist to review the latency, memory utilization, and CPU utilization during the load test?


8. A manufacturing company has structured and unstructured data stored in an Amazon S3 bucket. A Machine Learning Specialist wants to use SQL to run queries on this data

Which solution requires the LEAST effort to be able to query this data?


9. A Machine Learning Specialist is developing a custom video recommendation model for an application. The dataset used to train this model is very large with millions of data points and is hosted in an Amazon S3 bucket. The Specialist wants to avoid loading all of this data onto an Amazon SageMaker notebook instance because it would take hours to move and will exceed the attached 5 GB Amazon EBS volume on the notebook instance.

Which approach allows the Specialist to use all the data to train the model?


10. A Machine Learning Specialist has completed a proof of concept for a company using a small data sample, and now the Specialist is ready to implement an end-to-end solution in AWS using Amazon SageMaker. The historical training data is stored in Amazon RDS.

Which approach should the Specialist use for training a model using that data?


11. A Machine Learning Specialist receives customer data for an online shopping website. The data includes demographics, past visits, and locality information. The Specialist must develop a machine learning approach to identify the customer shopping patterns, preferences, and trends to enhance the website-for better service and smart recommendations.

Which solution should the Specialist recommend?


12. A Machine Learning Specialist is working with a large company to leverage machine learning within its products. The company wants to group its customers into categories based on which customers will and will not churn within the next 6 months. The company has labeled the data available to the Specialist.

Which machine learning model type should the Specialist use to accomplish this task?


13. The displayed graph is from a forecasting model for testing a time series.

Considering the graph only, which conclusion should a Machine Learning Specialist make about the behavior of the model?


14. A company wants to classify user behavior as either fraudulent or normal. Based on internal research, a Machine Learning Specialist would like to build a binary classifier based on two features: age of account and transaction month. The class distribution for these features is illustrated in the figure provided.

Based on this information, which model would have the HIGHEST accuracy?


15. A Machine Learning Specialist at a company sensitive to security is preparing a dataset for model training. The dataset is stored in Amazon S3 and contains Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

The dataset:

– Must be accessible from a VPC only.

– Must not traverse the public internet.

How can these requirements be satisfied?


16. During mini-batch training of a neural network for a classification problem, a Data Scientist notices that training accuracy oscillates.

What is the MOST likely cause of this issue?


17. An employee found a video clip with audio on a company’s social media feed. The language used in the video is Spanish. English is the employee’s first language, and they do not understand Spanish. The employee wants to do a sentiment analysis.

What combination of services is the MOST efficient to accomplish the task?


18. A Machine Learning Specialist is packaging a custom ResNet model into a Docker container so the company can leverage Amazon SageMaker for training. The Specialist is using Amazon EC2 P3 instances to train the model and needs to properly configure the Docker container to leverage the NVIDIA GPUs.

What does the Specialist need to do?


19. A Machine Learning Specialist is building a logistic regression model that will predict whether or not a person will order a pizza. The Specialist is trying to build the optimal model with an ideal classification threshold.

What model evaluation technique should the Specialist use to understand how different classification thresholds will impact the model’s performance?


20. An interactive online dictionary wants to add a widget that displays words used in similar contexts. A Machine Learning Specialist is asked to provide word features for the downstream nearest neighbor model powering the widget.

What should the Specialist do to meet these requirements?


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