AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate SOA-C01 Dumps (254 Q&As)

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1. A SysOps Administrator must find a way to set up alerts when Amazon EC2 service limits are close to being reached.

How can the Administrator achieve this requirement?


2. A SysOps administrator created an AWS service catalog portfolio and shared the portfolio with a second AWS account in the company. The second account is controlled by a different administrator.

Which action will the administrator of the second account be able to perform?


3. After launching a new Amazon EC2 instance from a Microsoft Windows 2012 Amazon Machine Image (AMI), the SysOps Administrator is unable to connect to the instance using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). The instance is also unreachable. As part of troubleshooting, the Administrator deploys a second instance from a different AMI using the same configuration and is able to connect to the instance.

What should be the next logical step in troubleshooting the first instance?


4. An application team has asked a sysops administrator to provision an additional environment for an application in four additional regions. The application is running on more than 100 instances in us-east-1, using fully baked AMIs, An AWS CloudFormation template has been created to deploy resources in us-east-1.

What must the sysops administrator do to provision the application quickly?


5. A company has an application database on Amazon RDS that runs a resource-intensive reporting job This is causing other applications using the database to run slowly

What should the SysOps Administrator do to resolve this issue*?


6. A SysOps Administrator receives reports of an Auto Scaling group failing to scale when the nodes running Amazon Linux in the cluster are constrained by high memory utilization.

What should the Administrator do to enable scaling to better adapt to the high memory utilization?


7. A SysOps Administrator is deploying a legacy web application on AWS. The application has four Amazon EC2 instances behind Classic Load Balancer and stores data in an Amazon RDS instance. The legacy application has known vulnerabilities to SQL injection attacks, but the application code is no longer available to update.

What cost-effective configuration change should the Administrator make to migrate the risk of SQL injection attacks?


8. A SysOps Administrator is tasked with deploying and managing a single CloudFormation templates across multiple AWS Accounts. accomplish this?


9. Which command must be present in a Cisco device configuration to enable the device to resolve an FQDN?


10. A SysOps Administrator must secure AWS CloudTrail logs. The Security team is concerned that an employee may modify or attempt to delete CloudTrail log files from its Amazon S3 bucket.

Which practices ensure that the log files are available and unaltered? (Choose two.)


11. Developers are using 1AM access keys to manage AWS resources using AWS CL1 Company policy requires that access keys are automatically disabled when the access key age is greater than 90 days.

Which solution will accomplish this?


12. A user accidentally deleted a file from an Amazon EBS volume. The SysOps Administrator identified a recent snapshot for the volume.

What should the Administrator do to restore the user’s file from the snapshot?


13. An application resides on multiple EC2 instances in public subnets in two Availability Zones. To improve security, the Information Security team has deployed an Application Load Balancer (ALB) in separate subnets and pointed the DNS at the ALB instead of the EC2 instances.

After the change, traffic is not reaching the instances, and an error is being returned from the ALB.

What steps must a SysOps Administrator take to resolve this issue and improve the security of the application? (Select TWO.)


14. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of an organization has seen a spike in Amazon S3 storage costs over the last few months A sysops administrator suspects that these costs are related to storage for older versions of S3 objects from one of its S3 buckets.

What can the administrator do to confirm this suspicion1?


15. A SysOps Administrator is required to monitor free space on Amazon EBS volumes attached to Microsoft Windows-based Amazon EC2 instances within a company’s account. The Administrator must be alerted to potential issues.

What should the Administrator do to receive email alerts before low storage space affects EC2 instance performance?


16. A SysOps Administrator is attempting to use AWS Systems Manager Session Manager to initiate a SSH session with an Amazon EC2 instance running on a custom Linux Amazon Machine Image (AMI). The Administrator cannot find the target instance in the Session Manager console.

Which combination of actions with solve this issue? (Select TWO)


17. A developer is deploying a web application on Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer (ALB) and notices that the application is not receiving all the expected elements from HTTP requests. The developer suspects users are not sending the correct query string

How should a sysops administrator verify this?


18. A SysOps Administrator needs to monitor all the object upload and download activity of a single Amazon S3 bucket. Monitoring most include tracking the AWS account of the catier, the IAM user role of the caller, the time of the API call, and the IP address of the API.

Where can the administrator find this information?



A sysops administrator must generate a report that provides a breakdown of all API activity by a specific user over the course of a year. AWS CloudTrail has already been enabled.

How should this report be generated?

A, Access the Cloud Trail logs stored in the Amazon S3 bucket tied to Cloud Trail. Use Amazon Athena to extract the information needed to generate the report

B. Locate the monthly reports that CloudTrail sends that are emailed to the account’s root user. Forward the reports to the auditor using a secure channel

C. Use the AWS Management Console to search for the user name in the CloudTrail history. Filter by API and download the report in CSV format

D. Use the CloudTrail digest files stored in the company’s Amazon S3 bucket. Send the logs to Amazon QuickSight to create the report.

20. A company received its latest bill with a large increase in the number of requests against Amazon SQS as compared to the month prior. The company is not aware of any major changes in its SQA usage. The company is concerned about the cost increase and who or what was making these calls.

What should a sysops administrator use to validate the calls mode to SQS?


21. A SysOps Administrator has been tasked with deploying a company’s infrastructure as code. The Administrator wants to write a single template that can be reused for multiple environments in a safe, repeatable manner.

What is the recommended way to use AWS CloudFormation to meet this requirement?


22. A SysOps Administrator needs to create a replica of a company’s existing AWS infrastructure in a new AWS account. Currently, an AWS Service Catalog portfolio is used to create and manage resources.

What is the MOST efficient way to accomplish this?


23. A sysops administrator is implementing SSL for a domain of an internet facing application running behind an Application load balancer (ALB). The administrator decides to use an SSL certificates from Amazon certificate Manager (ACM) to secure it. Upon creating a request for the ALB fully qualified domain name (FQND), it fails, and the error message “Domain not allowed” is displayed.

How can the administrator fix this issue?


24. A company is managing a website with a global user base hosted on Amazon EC2 with an Application Load Balancer (ALB). To reduce the load on the web servers, a SysOps administrator configures an Amazon CloudFront distribution with the ALB as the origin After a week of monitonng the solution, the administrator notices that requests are still being served by the ALB and there is no change in the web server load.

What are possible causes for this problem? (Select TWO.)


25. An application running on Amazon EC2 allows users to launch batch jobs for data analysis. The jobs are run asynchronously, and the user is notified when they are complete. While multiple jobs can run concurrently, a user’s request need not be fulfilled for up to 24 hours. To run a job, the application launches an additional EC2 instance that performs all the analytics calculations. A job takes between 75 and 110 minutes to complete and cannot be interrupted.

What is the MOST cost-effective way to run this workload?


26. A company’s Auditor implemented a compliance requirement that all Amazon S3 buckets must have logging enabled.

How should the SysOps Administrator ensure this compliance requirement is met, while still permitting Developers to create and use new S3 buckets?


27. A company runs a web application that users access using the domain name www example com. The company manages the domain name using Amazon Route 53. The company created an Amazon CloudFront distribution in front of the application and would like www example com to access the application through CloudFront.

What is the MOST cost-effective way to achieve this?


28. A sysops administrator has an AWS Lambda function that performs maintenance on various AWS resources. This function must be run nightly.

Which is the MOST cost-effective solution?


29. A SysOps Administrator must find a way to set up alerts when Amazon EC2 service limits are close to being reached.

How can the Administrator achieve this requirement?


30. A company using AWS Organizations requires that no Amazon S3 buckets in its production accounts should ever be deleted.

What is the SIMPLEST approach the SysOps Administrator can take to ensure S3 buckets in those accounts can never be deleted?


31. A company’s IT department noticed an increase in the spend of their Developer AWS account. There are over 50 Developers using the account and the Finance Tram wants to determine the service costs incurred by each Developer.

What should a SysOps Administrator do to collect this information? (Select TWO)


32. A SysOps Administrator has been asked to configure user-defined cost allocation tags for a new AWS account. The company is using AWS Organizations for account management.

What should the Administrator do to enable user-defined cost allocation tags?


33. A SysOps administrator is evaluating Amazon Route 53 DNS options to address concerns about high availability for an on-premises website. The website consists of two servers: a primary active server and a secondary passive server. Route 53 should route traffic to the primary server if the associated health check returns 2xx or 3xx HTTP codes All other traffic should be directed to the secondary passive server. The failover record type, set ID. and routing policy have been set appropriately for both primary and secondary servers.

Which next step should be taken to configure Route 53?


34. A SysOps Administrator is configuring AWS SSO tor the first time. The Administrator has already created a directory in the master account using AWS Directory Service and enabled full access in AWS Organizations

What should the Administrator do next to configure the service?


35. An organization is running multiple applications for their customers. Each application is deployed by running a base AWS CloudFormation template that configures a new VPC. All applications are run in the same AWS account and AWS Region A sysops administrator has noticed that when trying to deploy the same AWS CloudFormation stack, it fails to deploy

What is likely to be the problem?


36. A SysOps Administrator needs to confirm that security best practices are being followed with the AWS account root user.

How should the Administrator ensure that this is done?


37. Users are struggling to connect to a single public-facing development web server using its public IP address on a unique port number ot 8181. The security group is correctly configured to allow access on that port and the network ACLs are using the default configuration

Which log type will confirm whether users are trying to connect to the correct port?


38. A company has an AWS account for each department and wants to consolidate billing and reduce overhead. The company wants to make sure that the finance team is denied from accessing services other than Amazon EC2: the security team is denied from accessing services other than AWS CloudTrail. and IT can access any resource.

Which solution meets these requirements with the LEAST amount of operational overhead”


39. A SysOps Administrator is notified that a security vulnerability affects a version of MySQL that is being used with Amazon RDS MySQL.

Who is responsible for ensuring that the patch is applied to the MySQL cluster?


40. A security team is concerned that intellectual property might leak to the internet A SysOps administrator must identify controls to address the potential problem. The instances in question operate in a VPC and cannot be allowed to send traffic to the internet.

What should the SysOps administrator do to meet these requirements?


41. A company uses multiple accounts for its applications. Account A manages the company’s Amazon Route 53 domains and hosted zones. Account B uses a load balancer fronting the company’s web servers.

How can the company use Route 53 to point to the load balancer in the MOST cost-effective and efficient manner?


42. An application is running on Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer (ALB). The instances are configured in an Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling group. A SysOps Administrator must configure the application to scale based on the number of incoming requests.

Which solution accomplishes this with the LEAST amount of effort?


43. A SysOps administrator maintains several Amazon EC2 instances that do not have access to the public internet. To patch operating systems, the instances should not be reachable from the Public internet.

The administrator deploys a NAT instance, updates the security groups, and configures the appropriate routes within the route table. However, the instances are still unable to reach the internet.

What should be done to resolve the issue?


44. A web application runs on Amazon EC2 instances behind an ELB Application Load Balancer. The instances run in an EC2 Auto Scaling group across multiple Availability Zones. Amazon Route 53 is used for DNS and points to the load balancer. A SysOps Administrator has launched a new Auto Scaling group with a new version of the application, and wants to gradually shift traffic to the new version.

How can this be accomplished?


45. A company is storing monthly reports on Amazon S3. The company’s security requirement states that traffic from the client VPC to Amazon S3 cannot traverse the internet.

What should the SysOps Administrator do to meet this requirement?


46. A company has created a separate AWS account for all development work to protect the production environment. In this development account, developers have permission to manipulate IAM policies and roles. Corporate policies require that developers are blocked from accessing some services.

What is the BEST way to grant the developers privileges in the development account while still complying with corporate policies?


47. A SysOps Administrator is writing a utility that publishes resources from an AWS Lambda function in AWS account A to an Amazon S3 bucket in AWS Account B. The Lambda function is able to successfully write new objects to the S3 bucket, but IAM users in Account B are unable to delete objects written to the bucket by Account A.

Which step will fix this issue?


48. A company has discovered an operating system security vulnerability that is impacting its production Amazon EC2 instances.

Which action should the company take?


49. A company has centralized all its logs into one Amazon CloudWatch Logs log group. The SysOps Administrator is to alert different teams of any issues relevant to them.

What is the MOST efficient approach to accomplish this?


50. A company has several accounts between different teams and wants to increase its auditing and compliance capabilities. The accounts are managed through AWS Organizations. Management wants to provide the security team with secure access to the account logs while also restricting the possibility for the logs to be modified.

How can a sysops administrator achieve this is with the LEAST amount of operational overhead?


51. The Accounting department would like to receive billing updates more than once a month. They would like the updates to be in a format that can easily be viewed with a spreadsheet application.

How can this request be fulfilled?


52. A company hosts a multi-tier ecommerce web application on AWS, and has recently been alerted to suspicious application traffic. The architecture consists of Amazon EC2 instances deployed across multiple Availability Zones behind an Application Load Balancer (ALB)

After examining the server logs, a sysops administrator determines that the suspicious traffic is an attempted SQL injection attack.

What should the sysops administrator do to prevent similar attacks?


53. A web application runs on Amazon EC2 instances and accesses external services. The external services require authentication credentials. The application is deployed using AWS CloudFormation to three separate environments development test, and production Each environment requires unique credentials for external services

What option securely provides the application with the needed credential while requiring MINIMAL administrative overhead?


54. A company wants to identify specific Amazon EC2 instances that are underutilized and the estimated cost savings for each instance.

How can this be done with MINIMAL effort?


55. An Amazon EC2 instance has a secondary Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) volume attached that contains sensitive data A new company policy requires the secondary volume to be encrypted at rest.

Which solution will meet this requirement?


56. A SysOps Administrator is trying to set up an Amazon Route 53 domain namo to route traffic to a website hosted on Amazon S3. The domain name of the website is www anycompany com and the S3 bucket name is anycompany-static After the record set is set up in Route 53, the domain name www anycompany com does not seem to work, and the static website is not displayed in the browser

Which of the following is a cause of this?


57. A chief financial officer has asked for a breakdown of costs per project in a single AWS account using cost explorer.

Which combination of options should be set to accomplish this? (Select two)


58. A company manages multiple AWS accounts and wants to provide access to AWS from a single management account using an existing on-premises Microsoft Active Directory domain.

Which solution will meet these requirements with the LEAST amount of effort?


59. A new Amazon Redshift Spectrum Cluster has been launched for a team of Business Analysis. When the team attempts to use the cluster to query the data in Amazon S3, they receive the following error:

What is one cause of this?


60. A kernel patch for AWS Linux has been released, and systems need to be updated to the new version. A SysOps administrator must apply an m-place update to an existing Amazon EC2 instance without replacing the instance.

How should the SysOps administrator apply the new software version to the instance?


61. A SysOpsAdministrator is managing a large organization with multiple accounts on the Business Support plan all linked to a single payer account. The Administrator wants to be notified automatically of AWS Personal Health Dashboard events.

In the main payer account, the Administrator configures Amazon CloudWatch Events triggered by AWS Health events triggered by AWS Health triggered by AWS Health events to issue notifications using Amazon SNS, but alerts in the linked accounts failed to trigger.

Why did the alerts fail?


62. A SysOps administrator implemented the following bucket policy to allow only the corporate IP address range of to access objects in an Amazon S3 bucket.

Some employees are reporting that they are able to access the S3 bucket from IP addresses outside the corporate IP address range.

How can the Administrator address this issue?


63. A company developed and now runs a memory-intensive application on multiple Amazon EC2 Linux instances. The memory utilization metrics of the EC2 Linux instances must be monitored every minute.

How should the SysOps Administrator publish the memory metrics? (Choose two.)


64. A security researcher has published a new Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) report that impacts a popular operating system A SysOps Administrator is concerned with the new CVE report and wants to patch the company’s systems immediately. The Administrator contacts AWS Support and requests the patch be applied to all Amazon EC2 instances

How will AWS respond to this request?


65. A company’s static website hosted on Amazon S3 was launched recently, and is being used by tens of thousands of users. Subsequently, website users are experiencing 503 service unavailable errors.

Why are these errors occurring?


66. An ecommerce site is using Amazon ElastiCache with Memcached to store session state for a web application and to cache frequently used data. For the last month, users have

been complaining about performance. The metric data for the Amazon EC2 instances and the Amazon RDS instance appear normal, but the eviction count metrics are high.

What should be done to address this issue and improve performance?


67. A company stores thousands of non-critical log files in an Amazon S3 bucket A set of reporting scripts retrieve these log files daily.

Which of the following storage options will be the MOST cost efficient for the company’s use case?


68. An application is running on an Amazon EC2 instance. A SysOps Administrator is tasked with allowing the application access to an Amazon S3 bucket.

What should be done to ensure optimal security?


69. A SysOps Administrator is troubleshooting Amazon EC2 connectivity issues to the internet. The EC2 instance is in a private subnet.

Below is the route table that is applied to the subnet of the EC2 instance.

Destination C

Target C local

Status C Active

Propagated C No

Destination C

Target C nat-xxxxxxx

Status C Blackhole

Propagated C No

What has caused the connectivity issue?


70. A SysOps Administrator created an Amazon VPC with an IPv6 CIDR block, which requires access to the internet. However, access from the internet towards the VPC is prohibited. After adding and configuring the required components to the VPC, the Administrator is unable to connect to any of the domains that reside on the internet.

What additional route destination rule should the Administrator add to the route tables?


71. A SysOps Administrator is troubleshooting an AWS CloudFormation template whereby multiple Amazon EC2 instances are being created.

The template is working in us-east-1, but it is failing in us-west-2 with the error code:

AMI [ami-12345678] does not exist.

How should the Administrator ensure that the AWS CloudFormation template is working in every region?


72. A company needs to have real-time access to image data while seamlessly maintaining a copy of the images in an offsite location.

Which AWS solution would allow access to the image data locally while also providing for disaster recovery?


73. A SySOps Administrator has created a new Amazon S3 bucket named mybucket for the Operations team. Members of the team are part of an IAM group to which the following IAM policy has been assigned.

Which of the following actions will be allowed on the bucket? (Select TWO.)


74. An application runs on Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer (ALB). The instances run in an Auto Scaling group across multiple Availability Zones. The Information Security team wants to track application requests by the originating IP and the EC2 instance that processes the request.

Which of the following tools or services provides this information?


75. A SysOps Administrator must ensure all Amazon EBS volumes currently in use, and those created in the future, are encrypted with a specific AWS KMS customer master key (CMK).

What is the MOST efficient way for the Administrator to meet this requirement?


76. A company has an existing web application that runs on two Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer (ALB) across two Availability Zones. The application uses an Amazon RDS Multi-AZ DB Instance. Amazon Route 53 record sets route requests for dynamic content to the load balancer and requests for static content to an Amazon S3 bucket. Site visitors are reporting extremely long loading times.

Which actions should be taken to improve the performance of the website? (Choose two.)


77. A company’s use of AWS Cloud services is quickly growing, so a SysOps Administrator has been asked to generate details of daily spending to share with management.

Which method should the Administrator choose to produce this data?


78. A company’s website went down for several hours. The root cause was a full disk on one of the company’s Amazon EC2 instances.

Which steps should the SysOps Administrator take to prevent this from happening in this future?


79. A SysOps Administrator has been able to consolidate multiple, secure websites onto a single server, and each site is running on a different port. The Administrator now wants to start a duplicate server in a second Availability Zone and put both behind a load balancer for high availability.

What would be the command line necessary to deploy one of the sites’ certificates to the load balancer?


80. A company has a sales department and a marketing department. The company uses one AWS account. There is a need to determine what charges are incurred on the AWS platform by each department. There is also a need to receive notifications when a specified cost level is approached or exceeded.

Which actions must a SysOps administrator take to achieve both requirements with the LEAST amount of administrative overhead? (Select TWO.)


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