AZ-102 free questions – Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Transition

New AZ-102 Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Transition exam is new launched by Microsoft, the old exam 70-533 was retired,if you have passed 70-533 exam, then you can choose this AZ-102 Transition exam to Azure Administrator path. If not take 70-533 exam, you can choose AZ-100 and AZ-101 exams to get your certification. You can get AZ-102 free questions from Passquestion to practice, studying Passquestion AZ-102 full version can help you 100% pass.

AZ-102 Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Transition certification exam tests and validates your expertise as an Azure Administrator around managing cloud services that span storage, security, networking, and compute capabilities within the Microsoft Azure cloud. This exam provides a upgrade / transition path from to the Azure Administrator certification for anyone who has already passed the older, existing 70-533 Implementing Azure Infrastructure Solutions certification exam.

AZ-102 free questions – Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Transition

1. You are troubleshooting a performance issue for an Azure Application Gateway.

You need to compare the total requests to the failed requests during the past six hours.

What should you use?


2. You have two Azure virtual networks named VNet1 and VNet2. VNet1 contains an Azure virtual machine named VM1. VNet2 contains an Azure virtual machine named VM2. VM1 hosts a frontend application that connects to VM2 to retrieve data. Users report that the frontend application is slower than usual. You need to view the average round-trip time (RTT) of the packets from VM1 to VM2.

Which Azure Network Watcher feature should you use?


3. You have an Azure virtual network named VNet1 that contains a subnet named Subnet1. Subnet1 contains three Azure virtual machines has a public IP address.

The virtual machines host several applications that are accessible over port 443 to user on the Internet.

Your on-premises network has a site-to-site VPN connection to VNet1.

You discover that the virtual machines can be accessed by using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) from the Internet and from the on-premises network.

You need to prevent RDP access to the virtual machines from the Internet, unless the RDP connection is established from the on-premises network. The solution must ensure all the applications can still be accesses by the Internet users.

What should you do?


4. You have the Azure virtual networks shown in the following table.

To which virtual networks can you establish a peering connection from VNet1?


5. You configure Azure AD Connect for Azure Active Directory Seamless Single Sign-On (Azure AD

Seamless SSO) for an on-premises network. Users report that when they attempt to access, they are prompted multiple times to sign in and are forced to use an account name that ends with

You discover that there is a UPN mismatch between Azure AD and the on-premises Active Directory. You need to ensure that the users can use single-sign on (SSO) to access Azure resources.

What should you do first?


6. You have an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant named

Your company has a public DNS zone for

You add as a custom domain name to Azure AD.

You need to ensure that Azure can verify the domain name.

Which type of DNS record should you create?


7. Your company has an Azure subscription named Subscription1.

The company also has two on-premises servers named Server1 and Server2 that run Windows Server 2016. Server1 is configured as a DNS server that has a primary DNS zone named contains 1,000 DNS records.

You manage Server1 and Subscription1 from Server2.

Server2 has the following tools installed:

– The DNS Manager console

– Azure PowerShell

– Azure CLI 2.0

You need to move the zone to Subscription1. The solution must minimize administrative effort.

What should you use?


8. From the MFA Server blade, you open the Block/unblock users blade as shown in the exhibit. Block/unblock users

A blocked user will not receive Multi-Factor Authentication requests. Authentication attempts for that user will be automatically denied. A user will remain blocked for 90 days from the time they are blocked. To manually unblock a user, click the “Unblock” action.

What caused AlexW to be blocked?


9. You are the global administrator for an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant named

You need to enable two-step verification for Azure users.

What should you do?


10. You have an Azure DNS zone named

You need to delegate a subdomain named to a different DNS server in Azure.

What should you do?


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