BCS Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis Practice 2018 BAP18 Exam Questions

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1. Part of the management summary of a business case is detailed below:

The key recommendation is thatwe proceed with the preferred option, a new process and a new IT system. Wefeel that this option is feasible. although we recognise there Is a risk of lower staff productivity while the new system Is being established ‘

Which category of costs or benefits has been described?


2. A large consultancy organization has assigned its BA. Girby, to a client called MetalCor, a manufacture of component for washing machines and fridge freezers. The management team of MetalCor need some help in understanding the problems they are experiencing with their production line. Recently. Reproduction has dipped to a record low and more parts are beingreturnas fully.

Production line staff blame each other and the more staff Girby speaker to, themore issue she identifies. She having difficulty keeping track of the arising themes and how they relate to each other.

Which of the following would enable Girby to modelthe arising themes and how they relate to each other?


3. A company has decided to change one of its financial Key Performance indicators (KPIs). It has traditionally measured profit through its gross profit margin, however, it now wishes to measure It through it Return on Capital Employed (ROCE).

The following activities are on the consensus Business Activity Model (BAM)

a) Take control action

b) Monitor performance targets

c) Define performance targets.

d) Define target customers

Which of these would the event ‘amend KPI’affect?


4. A business case features a management summary, from which the below extract is taken:

‘The new approach will incur significant investment in terms of software licenses and annual maintenance fees, which will not be negotiable until year four of the proposal. We will research competing suppliers in the marketplace at end of year three, the supplier will, therefore, be likely to otter a reduced price for year five and beyond. However, we are convinced that the selected option is the right one. It will give us acompetitive edge as a result of improved management information, in addition to the boost it will give to our image with our established customers."

Which categories of costs and benefits are described in this extract*?


5. Bluesky Travel is an independent travel agency specialising in luxury bespoke holidays, which is introducing a new booking process. So far, the following key changes have been made:

1) The new Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) software package for making bookings has been installed and is working

2) Data is being migrated from the old computer system to the COTS software package

3) The IT department has documented the configuration of the COTS system

4) The legal department has confirmed that the new COTS system is compliant with company policies.

In taking a holistic approach, which of the following areas of the POPII Model have NOT yet been addressed by the changes identified?


6. Paula is a business analyst working for a small bespoke furniture manufacturing company. The newly appointed chief executive, Beverly, has asked Paula to lead an initiative to refresh and restate (where necessary) the organization’s plan for the next financial year. Paula recently led a planning worksopewith senior managers and has made the following notes about issues raised in the worshop:

The company….

a) Aims to supply 10% of the local bespoke furniture market by the end of the financial year.

b) Will Invest In local radio advertising and appoint a creative team to develop an appropriate advertisement

c) Will await the final draftof the annual accounts before considering investing in a new range of high-tech chairs.

d) Will adopt new 3D printing technologies to gain an advantage when quoting for bespoke furniture designs

e) Recognises that bespoke furniture will always be more expensive than mass-produced, standard furniture

Which of these notes will go into her MOST analysis?


7. Nastya is the CEO of a large technology firm, which develops new and innvolvative nanotechnology.

Below is an email she has sent to her management team:

Dear Team, Recent media coverage has revealed that our competitors have lower costs. It is important that we get back to our suppliers to see il they can secure a better component pnce for the next version of our NanoVac range Let’s also consider the energy costs of our labs, I’m mindful that costs are rising due to investment in renewable power-1 want us to negotiate with our energy supplier to get a better deal.

I’ve also been reading reports on social responsibility and sustainability and I’d like a lull review of the biodegradability of the packaging of all our products- we don’t want media attention for being a technology company that wastes natural resources.

Our employment regulations also need revisiting as there have been changes to pension rules and paternity/maternity rights for workers and I want us to be aware of these

Finally, regarding the staff conference I want to launch a new staff development programme, which aims to identify and develop the rising stars in our business People development should be a key priority in our next annual plan.

Thanks. Nastya."

Which elements of PESTLE are identified in this email?


8. A local council wishes to improve its housing allocation process. The following notes weremade by the head of housing about the current process.

Housing application decision are made using a set of criteria based on a range of factors, including the length of time application has been on the waiting list and the number of dependents they have. The criteria by the council housing committee, who meet on a regular basis and seek to ensure that the criteria continue to enable effective housing allocation.

Occasionally, legislation ensuring protection for the most vulnerable people in our society can affect the criteria, as can changes issued by central government concerning practical issues, such as building regulations?

Which of the following types(s) of business rule has been described in this extract?


9. An airline has agreed that the following Key performance indicator (KPI) will help measure one of the airline’s Critical Success Factors (CSFs) Ccustomer service. The KPI is the percentage of customers rating our service as excellent in an independently administrator customer survey.

In the current year, the performance objective associated with KPI is 70%. The airline, therefore, aims for at least 70% of customers rating its service as excellent.

Which of the following activities in a Business Activity Model would establish whether the KPI and its associated performance objective is being achieved?


10. It services has commissioned a new desktop PC replacement project that has been funded and running for three months, with a fully-engaged sponsor and programme manager appointed.

The head of IT service has not involve beyond the initial project start-up interviews and has not been invited to any of the project meetings.

position on the power/interest grid does the head of IT services currently occupy?


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