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1. A network design where some nodes are prohibited from communicating directly with other nodes does not compromise the security of the blockchain.


2. Which of the following are shared benefits of private and permissioned blockchain architectures? Select all that apply.


3. Decentralization is an organizational risk due to decreased control over the organization’s data.


4. What is the easiest way to steal cryptocurrency from a user?


5. Which type of attack misuses Internet protocols to attack the blockchain? Select all that apply.


6. Which smart contract vulnerability allows an attacker to make a profit off a smart contract cryptocurrency exchange like Bancor?


7. Ring signatures are designed to do which of the following?


8. The public visibility of blockchain data increases the risks associated with the compromise of encryption algorithms


9. Which of the following attacks were enabled by design decisions made by the blockchain’s developers? Select all that apply


10. Proof of Work never guarantees that the blockchain network has reached consensus


11. The Bitcoin hack demonstrated that there are circumstances in which the principles of blockchain must be violated to protect the blockchain.


12. Blockchain technology is designated to be self-contained with no interaction with external components.


13. Which types of network attacks focus on partitioning the blockchain network? Select all that apply


14. Both sidechains and slate channels rely on the original blockchain for security and as a fallback if issues occur.


15. In both blockchain and DAG-based distributed ledgers, the trust in all transactions that are part of the ledger Increases as additional transactions are added to the ledger.


16. Properly encrypted data stored in the distributed ledger adequately protects data in both the short-term and the long-term


17. Which of the following is NOT a common regulatory requirement tor businesses?


18. Which of the following biockchains uses a channel-focused architectural design?


19. The code of smart contracts that are "self-destructed" is no longer visible to the blockchain network


20. Malware infections of blockchain nodes can compromise the security of the blockchain’s consensus algorithm.


21. Sidechains can benefit the mainchain in what ways? Select all that apply


22. Which of the following blockchains has a built-in consensus algorithm?


23. Compromising blockchain accounts is beneficial to which of the following types ot attacks?


24. In which of the following attacks targeting Proof of Stake does an attacker create a divergent chain and race to make their chain longer than the real chain?


25. Spinning up a large number of temporary mining servers is likely part of what type of attack?


26. In which blockchain consensus algorithm does a user pay (give up coin forever) to participate in consensus?


27. Which of the following is designed to allow someone to prove they know a secret without revealing it?


28. Which algorithm was adopted by Bitcoin’s creator for use as a consensus mechanism?


29. This sample code is vulnerable to which of the following attacks? Select all that apply.


30. If an attacker can find two values that hash to the same output what is it called?


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