C1000-002 Free Questions – IBM MQ V9.0 System Administration

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C1000-002 Free Questions – IBM MQ V9.0 System Administration

1. After completing an IBM MQ for z/OS installation and customization, how can a successful installation be verified?


2. For MQ Advanced for distributed platforms, which two components are included? (Select two.)


3. An administrator is asked to forward all messages to queue ‘TEST.TEMP’ if the messages destined for ‘TEST.LOCAL’ end up on the dead letter queue.

Which rule in the dead letter handler rules table will enable the administrator to achieve this objective?


4. What is the purpose of the –s secretText parameter used in the prepareha and crthagrp commands on MQ Appliance?


5. Which channel may be configured with a channel auto-definition exit?


6. An administrator has been asked to make changes to MQ config so that the MQ client application APP_A connecting to queue manager QM1 can reconnect automatically without re-starting the applications.

What does the administrator need to configure to achieve this?


7. A new LTS release of IBM MQ is made generally available. The versioning information is When the next level of fixes is made available for this product what will the versioning information look like?


8. An instance of IBM MQ on Unix regularly processes larger messages.

Which condition will have a positive impact on message throughput given that the system is short of real memory?


9. When configuring MQ shared queues on z/OS, where are the queue objects that represents the attributes of the shared queues held?


10. A failed MQ on z/OS request is received with a reason code ‘MQRC_STORAGE_MEDIUM_FULL’.

What are two reasons for this type of failure? (Select two.)


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