C1000-007 Exam Questions To Pass IBM Cloud Application Development v3

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C1000-007 Exam Questions To Pass IBM Cloud Application Development v3

1. A developer needs to transform, aggregate, and process data records continuously in Message Hub and produce records.

Which API is designed for this purpose?


2. Which cf command scales an IBM Cloud Foundry application horizontally?


3. In an Auto-Scaling policy definition, which field defines the interval of time to ignore other scaling requests after a scale out has occurred?


4. Which service should a developer use to create an application to store data that has no defined structure to it?


5. What is the minimum Cloud Foundry role needed in order for a user to invite a developer to work within a Cloud Foundry space?


6. Autoscaling is disabled in which Compose for Redis mode?


7. Which two languages are available with the IBM Cloud Object Storage SDK?


8. Which statement is true when selecting a microservices runtime platform?


9. In IBM API Connect, a user is unable to subscribe to a billing Plan with a Product.

How can the error be solved?


10. To analyze historical data from the Watson loT Platform, the data must be downloaded from the Cloudant Database into which format before uploading to Watson Analytics?


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