C1000-012 Free Questions – IBM Watson Application Developer V3.1

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C1000-012 Free Questions – IBM Watson Application Developer V3.1

1. What Watson solution can answer common support questions typically handled by a live agent?


2. An AI solution is implemented to detect what the user wants to do. The user mentions that he wants to buy a ski jacket for an upcoming vacation in Colorado.

How can the entities be derived from the conversation using IBM Watson services?


3. What are examples of the information the IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding service extract from html, or web-based content when it analyzes entities?


4. Built into the IBM Watson Discovery service is the Watson Discovery News data set.

How is this collection different from other collections?


5. Which IBM Watson service is pre-trained and does not allow for any customization?


6. When building a dialog within the IBM Watson Assistant service, what does the dollar sign $ represent?


7. What is the purpose of the IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier service?


8. A classifier for identifying the ACME corporation logo in images posted on social media runs on 100 images. There are 75 true positives, 3 false positives and 21 false negative and 21 true negatives.

Which statement is true?


9. Which statement is the best definition of intent in the context of a virtual assistant?


10. How is training data set constructed from user questions for the Natural Language Classifier?


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