C1000-021 Free Questions – IBM Virtualized Storage V2

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C1000-021 Free Questions – IBM Virtualized Storage V2

1. A customer wants to take advantage of using IBM Storwize V7000 HyperSwap between two data centers.

Which license is required as part of the solution?


2. A customer with competitive storage at two locations uses asynchronous replication for DR. The storage at the primary location has reached end-of-life.

How could the IBM Storwize Family solve the problem?


3. A customer is considering purchasing an IBM Storwize \/7000 but is concerned about performance scalability. Significant growth is expected.

What should the IBM technical specialist discuss with the customer?


4. Which tool analyzes a heat map file generated by Easy Tier?


5. A customer accumulates massive quantities of data. Customer views the data as “very old data” after 3 months. The customer does not want to build a massive petabyte structure of spinning disk for access.

Which IBM solution economically best meets the customer’s growth needs?


6. A customer desires an in-depth storage monitoring tool that includes collecting performance statistics and historical data as well as helping with data placement optimization.

Whet should be included as part of an IBM Storwize Family solution?


7. In addition to compression savings, what information is shown in a Comprestimator output?


8. A customer is looking to protect an IBM Storwize V7000 based on NL-SAS drives against dual drive failure but wants the most efficient use of the capacity of the device.

Which RAID scheme should the customer consider?


9. A customer wants to allow application administrators to provision storage from an IBM Storwize V7000 system but does not want to give them direct access to the Storwize system.

Which product should the technical specialist discuss with the customer?


10. A customer experienced an issue on a mission-critical application during overnight processing. The customer needs help understanding exactly when the problem happened and help with troubleshooting.

Which feature of IBM Spectrum Control aids in problem determination?


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