C1000-056 Exam Questions To Pass IBM App Connect Enterprise V11 Solution Development

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C1000-056 Exam Questions To Pass IBM App Connect Enterprise V11 Solution Development

1. Which statement is true about shared libraries?


2. How can an MQGet node be configured to read a message from a queue without deleting it?


3. What is one reason to organize resources into applications?


4. What is the maximum number of integration servers that can be used in a single server running IBM App Connect Enterprise?


5. What are two attributes of IBM App Connect Enterprise JDBC pooled connections?


6. What is the file format of resource statistics that are written by resource managers?


7. What are two mechanisms for storing user permissions to enable administration security on the Web Console?


8. What are two purposes of a user trace?


9. Which prerequisite task must be done before encrypting a connection to an MQTT server?


10. What node category is used to enable integrations running in IBM App Connect on IBM Cloud for performing aggregation-style operations?


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