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1. Which two options supply the master encryption key for an IBM Storwize V7000 at power on? (Choose two.)


2. An online shopping website stores large amounts of product data and orders on a multi-tier IBM Storwize storage solution. All data is stored in a mixed pool including nearline, enterprise, and flash storage.

How will East Tier assist this organization with its data performance?


3. A state government education agency is building an in-house application that designs, delivers, and scores standardized tests. The agency needs a scalable storage solution that initially provides SAS host connectivity during the proof-of-concept phase and can be seamlessly upgraded to more advanced features.

Which storage solution should a technical specialist recommend?


4. A customer is considering IBM VersaStack as the new data center standard. The customer is attracted to the IBM Storewize V7000 storage system because of the flexibility, but the customer has legacy storage that must be retained.

What is the primary benefit of IBM VersaStack with IBM Storewize V7000 over competitive converged architectures?


5. A customer wants to understand how to best determine the benefits of combining SSDs with spinning drives in an existing IBM Storewize V7000 that is licensed with the base software only.

How should the customer proceed?


6. A customer is looking for a storage solution that provides FC and SAS attachment without the need for SAN switches. This will help consolidate two separate storage solutions.

Which IBM disk system is appropriate to use?


7. A mandatory requirement in a customer RFI is to provide protection against a single drive failure and that data and one stripe of parity are striped across all array members. The customer wants the fastest possible rebuilt.

Which RAID level on the IBM Storwize V7000 meets these requirements?


8. A company is experiencing high data growth of its mission critical VMware and database workloads that run on a competitive storage system.

How does the IBM FlashSystem V9000 help the company address space consumption?


9. A customer has a requirement to encrypt all data.

What should be configured with a new IBM Storwize V5020?


10. An IBM I customer has a performance requirements and is considering flash-based storage using an IBM FlashSystem V9000. The customer plans to move all data to the IBM FlashSystem V9000 with native IBM i attachment.

Which connection protocol is required for this environment?


11. What is used to measure IBM Spectrum Suite license usage?


12. A customer wants an IBM virtualized storage solution that is capable of providing 50 TB of flash capacity and 32x 16Gb Fibre Channel ports.

Which solution meets these requirements?


13. A customer wants to know the advantage of DRAID over traditional RAID.

What should the technical specialist explain about DRAID?


14. A customer wants to enable encryption on its IBM Storwize V7000. The customer has an IBM Storwize V7000 Gen1 control enclosure and three Gen1 expansion enclosures.

Which solution should the technical specialist propose?


15. A customer is implementing encryption using SKLM on IBM Spectrum Virtualize 7.8.

Which protocol is required to communicate between the storage device and the key management server (s)?


16. A customer using IBM Spectrum Virtualize on a single I/O group wants to maintain continuous access to data in the event of an MDisk failure.

Which license is required?


17. Which IBM solution and feature can provide a client with simplified virtual machine-level data recoverability when used with IBM Storwize?


18. A customer experienced an issue on a mission-critical application during overnight processing. The customer needs help understanding exactly when the problem happened and help with troubleshooting.

Which feature of IBM Spectrum Control aids in problem determination?


19. A customer wants to replicate data between an IBM Storwize V7000 at its primary location and an IBM Storwize V5030 at its disaster recovery location. The customer wants to use the built-in 1 GbE ports for IP replication.

What is the maximum round trip latency supported for the intersite link?


20. A customer is running a mission-critical Oracle database on an IBM Storwize V7000 and is concerned about volume availability in the event of a RAID array failure. The customer requires that its RPO and RTO metrics be near zero.

Which feature meets these requirements?


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