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Test Begin:

1. 1.What is the function of Copy Export Within an IBM TS7760 ?


2. 2. Which resource informs a storage specialist if a Technical and Delivery Assessment (TDA) has to be done?


3. 3. Which element of business continuity is continuity is employed by creating nightly flash copies at the primary data center?


4. 4. Which IBM storage solution provides the least latency?


5. 5. Which product enables a single point-of-control for multiple storage resources to help support improved business application availability and greater resource utilization?


6. 6. Which simple, non-intrusive process should a technical specialist recommend to obtain an overview of the storage environment?


7. 7. Which term describes the maximum amount of data that could acceptably be lost following a disaster?


8. 8. A customer wants to order a full rack IBM XIV system. The customer is on the 5th floor of the building and the cannot handle the weight of a loaded IBM XIV.

What is needed to deliver the system to the customer?


9. 9. A customer with NAS and block storage is booking IBM Software-Defined Storage as a means to improve storage efficiency within a data center.

Which product from the IBM Software-Defined Storage Control will help the customer?


10. 10. A customer has multiple tires of storage, is experiencing high growth, and has issues with managing a complex environment. Simplifications, ease of management, and storage efficiencies are key requirements.

Which product meets the customer’s requirements?


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