CAU302 Real Questions To Pass CyberArk Defender + Sentry

CyberArk when brings out CAU302 product, introduces a Defender – Sentry (Combined) certification along with that Defender + Sentry product. CAU302 exam is a combined exam of Level 2: Defender and Level 3: Sentry exams. PassQuestion provides CAU302 Real Questions to help you pass CyberArk Defender + Sentry certification exam easily. You can practice in the following sample test to check its quality.

CAU302 Real Questions To Pass CyberArk Defender + Sentry

1. The vault does not support Role Based Access Control.


2. The Remote Desktop Services role must be properly licensed by Microsoft.


3. One can create exceptions to the Master Policy based on ____________.


4. Which of the following statements are NOT true when enabling PSM recording for a target Windows server?


5. It is possible to disable the Show and Copy buttons without removing the Retrieve permission on a safe.


6. During LDAP/S integration you should specify the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the Domain Controller.


7. Which of the following options is not set in the Master Policy?


8. When on-boarding accounts using Accounts Feed, which of the following is true?


9. The Vault Internal safe contains the configuration for an LDAP integration.


10. PSM captures a record of each command that was issued in SQL Plus.


11. What is the purpose of the Allowed Safes parameter in a CPM policy? Select all that apply.


12. The Vault Internal safe contains all of the configuration for the vault.


13. One time passwords reduce the risk of Pass the Hash vulnerabilities in Windows.


14. What are the operating system prerequisites for installing CPM?


15. The vault provides a tamper-proof audit trail.


16. It is possible to restrict the time of day, or day of week that a verify process can occur.


17. When managing SSH keys, CPM automatically pushes the Private Key to all systems that use it.


18. It is possible to restrict the time of day, or day of week that a change process can occur.


19. Which one of the built-in Vault users is not automatically added to the safe when it is first created in PWA?


20. What conditions must be met in order to log into the vault as the Master user? Select all that apply.


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