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1. Which are two benefits of using segment routing over RSVP-TE for traffic engineering? (Choose two)


2. What is one of the functions of a LISP ingress tunnel router?


3. An support engineer has been tasked to protect an ISP infrastructure from the growing number of encrypted DDoS attacks. The solution should also validate the eBGP peering.

Which solution accomplishes these goals?


4. ISP A provides L2VPN services to Company B through an MPLS network. Company B uses all available CoS values to classify and different traffic forwarding within all Company B sites. ISP A uses the following CoS values to differentiate service classes for the VPN customer traffic

*MPLS EXP 0 for Bronze service class

*MPLS EXP 1 for Silver service class

*MPLS EXP 2 for Gold service class

*Remaining MPLS EXP values for ISP A internal use

ISP A’s policy is to forward VPN customer traffic based only on their Bronze, silver and Gold service classes.

Which QoS method must ISP A implement to achieve this?



Refer to the exhibit, An engineer is asked to troubleshoot packet drops inside a network which option is true?


6. Which are the two limitations of the predefined NAT solution?(Choose two)


7. Which two options are characteristics of MoFRR? ( Choose two)


8. ISP_X has IPv4 only enabled in the MPLS backbone. ISP_X must provide IPv6 services to its customers including IPv6 Internet access.

Which IPv6 transition mechanism allows ISP_X to provide IPv6 connected by leveraging the existing MPLS IPv4 core network?


9. What ISIS TLVs are used to support MPLS traffic Engineering? ( Choose three)


10. Refer to the exhibit. All links have same bandwidth configured AS 4, AS 4 and AS 7 run OSPF as IGP using default metric values.

Which two statements are correct in regards to MSDP SA messages received by R5 located in AS 7? ( Choose two)


11. REP has been deployed in a segment. A network operations engineer notices that a segment port does not become operational.

What is the root cause of this issue?


12. In MPLS-enabled networks, which two improvements does EVPN provide compared to traditional VPLS solutions? (Choose two)


13. An operation engineer from AS 2000 must deploy this inbound routing policy:

*Based on RFC 1998, modify the local-preference value for prefixes containing BGP community values 2000:90 and 2000:110

*Strip any BGP community of the BGP prefixes received from customers that are in the range between 2000:1 and 2000:2000. Any other BGP community values must not be removed

*Apply 2000:1003 BGP community Value, which indicates that the BGP prefix is learned form a customer

Which configuration accomplishes this BGP routing policy?


14. Which protocol provides fast link failure detection for all type of encapsulation?


15. Which option is the benefit of per-link LFA over per-prefix LFA?


16. A service provider has deployed new PEs using nV Edge technology based on Cisco ASR 9000 routers.

How does the system mitigate against a split-brain state if all control plane and data plane links are lost?


17. What is MPLS VPN component used by Multi-VRF solution?


18. Which two characteristics of GMPLS are true? (Choose two)


19. What is the main goal of the incident management?


20. Which mechanism protects the control and management planes of a cisco IOS device to maintain routing stability, network reachability, and packet delivery?


21. Which description of the Russian Doll Model is true?


22. In the MVPN profile 3 ( Rosen GRE with BGP-AS), which information is included inside of the opaque value?


23. Which three IS-IS TLVs floods the MPLS TE resource allocation information through the network?

(Choose three)


24. Refer to the exhibit.

Why is router 1 unable to ping from vrf cust1?


25. A network engineer is configuring a POS interface on Cisco router running a cisco IOS Software. The POS interface must permit logging of payload label and C2 mismatch SONET/SDN alarms.

Which option is the correct configuration?

Interface pos<number>

Pos report pplm


26. SNMPv3 provides which three security features?(Choose three)


27. Refer to the exhibit. The NOC team received multiple reports about poor quality of the VoIP traffic. An engineer notices that all VoIP traffic with poor quality uses Core links with QoS implemented.

Which are the two reasons for this issue? (Choose two)



Refer to the exhibit. The requirements is to copy traffic from switch A and switch B and to send it to a probe connected to switch D across the routed network.

Which technology meets this requirement?


29. Which operational metric to measure the health of the incident management process is critical?


30. Which two BGP mechanisms solve the full-mesh paradigm? (Choose two)


31. Refer to the exhibit, Which feature does this OSPF database entry refer to?


32. A service provider is using point-to-multipoint TE to forward MPLS traffic from one source to multiple destinations, what is a restriction of using this method?



Refer to the exhibit. CE6 cannot ping the loopback address of C7.An SP engineer notices a routing loop between PE2 and CE4.

Which configuration must be applied on both PE routers to avoid the routing loop?


34. Two routers that are running MPLS and LDP have multiple links that than connect them to each other. An engineer wants to ensure that the label bindings are not flushed from the LIB if one of the links fails.

Which configuration meets this requirement?


35. Which technology is a forwarding decision point in a PE router that provides flexibility to make many Layer 2 flow decisions within an interface?


36. In multicast Inter-AS VPN context, which BGP attribute should you use to overcome the Option B limitation due to a rewritten originator next-hop address in the network.


37. Which are the two purposes of the MPLS label value 1? (Choose two.)


38. How does BGPsec protect advertisements by preventing from the malicious traffic flows?


39. An engineer is troubleshooting L3VPN traffic loss over the MPLS-enabled core network when new core links were enable. Assuming that the IGP is properly configured, which issue causes a temporary data flow blackholing when the IGP and LDP reconverges?


40. In an end-to-end layer 2 service, Which technology provides the capability to detect verify isolate and report faults across a provider network?


41. A service provider engineering team must design a solution that supports end-to-end LSPS for multiple IGP domains within different AS numbers. According to RFC 3107, which solution achieves this goal?


42. An support engineer has been tasked to protect an ISP infrastructure from the growing number of encrypted DDoS attacks. The solution should also validate the eBGP peering.

Which solution accomplishes these goals?


43. Which multicast feature listens multicast conversations maintaining a map in order to control which ports receive specific multicast traffic?


44. On Cisco IOS devices, which IS-IS feature reduces the convergence time for prefixes designated as high priority?


45. A service provider is offering VoIP services level agreement to customers.

Which configuration provides validation that the service level agreement has been honored?


46. On Cisco IOS devices, which IS-IS feature reduces the convergence time for prefixes designated as high priority?


47. An engineer is tasked with configuring Lawful-Intercept on the Internet facing routers.

Which two security issues must the engineer take into consideration? (Choose two)


48. A corporate ABC located in the US acquired Company XYZ which is located in Europe. Both companies are connected to the internet using the local ISP. A management VLAN must built using subnet across the ABC and XYZ sites.

Which solution meets this requirement?


49. A service provider is in the process of providing Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPN services through a MPLS LDP-enabled backbone. With load increasing in the service provider domain, scalability become the most important. Based on the local label allocation filtering failure, which subnet of prefixes must be selected to meet these requirements?


50. Which statement about LDP Session Protection and LDP-IGP sync is true?


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