CCNP Collaboration 300-070 CIPTV1 Practice Test Questions

Implementing Cisco IP Telephony & Video, Part 1 (CIPTV1) v1.0 exam is a 75 minute 65-75 question assessment that tests learners for implementing a Cisco Unified Collaboration solution in a single-site environment. Passquestion is the best source where you can get all the available CCNP Collaboration 300-070 CIPTV1 Practice Test Questions. You can practice in the following 300-070 free questions to check its quality.

Test Begins:

1. When a call is attempted during a particular time of day, what determines the partitions where calling devices search?


2. When configuring an H.323 gateway, which configuration option can be used to set whether an incoming call is considered off the network (OffNet) or on the network (OnNet)?


3. When local route groups are used and a user dials 918005551212, what component is ultimately used to route the digits to the local gateway?


4. You are performing route pattern configuration. You need to ensure that internal extensions are automatically expanded to full external phone numbers for calling line information on outgoing calls.

What should you use?


5. The CSS on a line includes the partitions 911, internal and local. The CSS on the device includes the partitions 911, internal, local and long distance.

Which CSS will be used if the phone user dials a local number?


6. What are two characteristics of a partition? (Choose two.)


7. Which two statements about Cisco VCS Addressing Zones are true? (Choose two.)


8. Which four call coverage features are used by voice gateways? (Choose four.)


9. Which two Cisco products allow the use of a dial plan with E.164, H.323, SIP, and DNS? (Choose two.)


10. Where do you configure a SIP route pattern?


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