CCNP Collaboration 300-075 CIPTV2 Exam Free Questions

Implementing Cisco IP Telephony & Video, Part 2 (CIPTV2) v1.0 exam is a 75 minute 55-65 question assessment that tests candidates seeking CCNP Collaboration on their ability for implementing a Cisco Unified Collaboration solution in a multisite environment. Passquestion provides you the latest CCNP Collaboration 300-075 CIPTV2 Exam Free Questions for you to practice, if you study well, you will pass your Cisco 300-075 exam successfully.

1.0 VCS Control 17%
2.0 Collaboration Edge (VCS Expressway) 12%
3.0 Configure CUCM Video Service Parameters 9%
4.0 Describe and Implement Centralized Call Processing Redundancy 10%
5.0 Describe and Configure a Multi-site Dial Plan for Cisco Unified Communications Manager 17%
6.0 Implement Call Control Discovery/ILS 14%
7.0 Implement Video Mobility Features 9%
8.0 Implement Bandwidth Management and Call Admission Control on CUCM 12%

Test Begins:

1. A CUCM end user with Extension Mobility is associated with an 8851 phone and 8851 device profile.

However, the user logs into a Cisco 8941, which device profile will be used?


2. Which Cisco Unified Mobility setting enables or disables an incoming call to ring the desk phone and the remote destination at the same time?


3. Which method is recommended to implement high availability when configuring the Extension Mobility phone service?


4. In Cisco Unified Communications Manager region configuration, you have “Maximum Audio Bit Rate” set to 256 kbps between region A and region B.

Which description is true?


5. Which is best practice on where to mark the packet when a Cisco IP phone is connected to Cisco Switch?


6. Where does an engineer configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager Directory URI?


7. QoS should be configured on Cisco VCS because it processes the media and the call signaling. The endpoints that register to Cisco VCS (such as the Cisco TelePresence System EX Series, C Series, and Cisco IP Video Phone E20) should be configured so that media uses which Layer 3 DSCP packet value?


8. A Cisco IP phone is registered to a SRST gateway and the primary Cisco Unified Communications Manager server is back online.

What is the default duration the phone monitors its connection to the Cisco Unified CM server, before unregistering with the SRST gateway and registering with the Cisco Unified CM server?


9. Imagine you configured several zones for device registration on Cisco VCS.

To which superior zone are all of your configured zones associated?


10. Which two hosted directory number patterns can be configured on Cisco Unified Communications Manager for advertisement via the Call Control Discovery process in a Service Advertisement Framework-enabled network? (Choose two.)


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