CCNP Collaboration 300-825 CLCNF Exam Questions

Implementing Cisco Collaboration Conferencing v1.0 (CLCNF 300-825) is a 90 minute exam associated the CCNP Collaboration Certification. This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of conferencing architecture, installation and configuration, integration, and troubleshooting. PassQuestion provides the latest CCNP Collaboration 300-825 CLCNF Exam Questions for your best preparation and you can practice 60 real questions and answers to pass your Cisco 300-825 exam successfully.

CCNP Collaboration 300-825 Free Questions Test Online

1. What is the default maximum resolution for the internal streamer?


2. A corporation must configure Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Extension for Microsoft Exchange for users to schedule meetings with Outlook.

What must be configured to accomplish this goal?


3. An administrator sets up conference resources by using a clustered Cisco Meeting Server deployment for video endpoints that are registered to Expressway. The administrator must ensure that no single server gets overloaded within the cluster .

What should be configured to accomplish this goal?


4. Refer to the exhibit.

What does this notification indicate about activity over the last 90 days?


5. Refer to the exhibit.

<?xml version=”1.0”?>

<coSpace id=”2cc9110e-a36a-4173-8cb5-660c3d1e7c92”>

<name>CCNP Collaboration</name>








When a user dials 8001 to connect to a space that is hosted on Cisco Meeting Server, the user is prompted for a pin. The prompt says the user should press # to connect to a meeting without a pin, but guests and hosts must enter a pin before connecting to the meeting.

Which configuration change resolves this issue?


6. An administrator wants to automatically schedule conferences with a cluster of Cisco Meeting Server devices that are managed with Cisco TMS.

How should Cisco TMS be configured to accomplish this goal?


7. To which two places should an administrator go to view an upcoming meeting scheduled on Cisco Meeting Server? (Choose two.)


8. What is one of the ways Cisco TMS redundancy is configured?


9. An administrator must create conference resources for phones that are registered to Cisco UCM. The administrator adds Cisco Meeting Server as a Conference Bridge to Cisco UCM to accomplish this task. Where should the administrator add the Conference Bridge to allow phones to use Cisco Meeting Server for conferences?


10. Which rule is required for Skype for Business users to use spaces on a cluster of Cisco Meeting Servers?


11. An administrator notices that the Cluster section is not available under the configuration menu in the Cisco Meeting Server web interface. There are three Cisco Meeting Server servers that must run Call Bridge and database services in a single cluster .

Which configuration should be completed?


12. 0.101.121:5061;branch=z9hG4bK6e7932e8ae287a80ee699eb04a6155a2 From: “CCNP Collaboration” <sip:[email protected]>;tag=73a834a850d8ed13 To: <sip:[email protected]>;tag=252834177 Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2020 18:25:12 GMT

Call-ID: cf600c54-974c-48e5-92e2-95b1d4b9218f

CSeq: 1199885731 INVITE

Allow-Events: presence

Server: Cisco-CUCM12.5

Content-Length: 0


Some calls fail to connect after an engineer implements load balancing for a Cisco Meeting Server cluster. The engineer determines that if a call leaves Cisco UCM using the Cisco Meeting Server 1 SIP trunk, but the conference is already hosted on Cisco Meeting Server 2, then the call fails. If the call leaves Cisco UCM using the Cisco Meeting Server 2 SIP trunk, but the conference is already hosted on Cisco Meeting Server 1, then the call fails .

What is the cause of the issue?


13. An administrator performs a major upgrade of a Cisco Meeting Server cluster that contains multiple database nodes .

Which step ensures that the Call Bridge can use the database?


14. Refer to the exhibit.

A company wants external users to use the web app, and the administrator must configure TURN .

Which two values for clientAddress and serverAddress should the administrator configure? (Choose two.)


15. Refer to the exhibit.

Which two features are supported in the Cisco Meeting Server recording and streaming solution? (Choose two.)


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